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*Some products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Hi! It's been a minute, and by a minute I mean more than a mont...

*Some products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Hi! It's been a minute, and by a minute I mean more than a month. I'm not going to spend a lot of time explaining but I'm attending a very intensive program at the moment that ends in three weeks and it's kept me severely occupied since December. I still love blogging, I still love makeup, I'm just overwhelmed. That's not why we're here so moving on...
Today we're going to talk about summer beauty. I love summer and I've been ready for it and I want to share some recommendations with you. We're gonna talk about a little skin care and quite a bit of makeup so let's get into it.
We will start with skincare, since that's where you'd naturally begin.
  • IT COSMETICS CONFIDENCE IN A GEL LOTION: I've been loving this gel moisturizer. I was skeptical because it's a gel and it sinks in so fast and I have the DRIEST skin so I just assumed this wouldn't work for me. However. It's totally perfect for summer because it's so light weight yet still really moisturizing.

  • DERMA-E RADIANT FACE GLOW: On the same note of moisturized, glowing skin this oil is amazing. It has some gold shimmer in it but it's just enough to make your skin look glowy but not sparkly. It's totally moisturizing and sinks in so quickly.

  • DERMA-E ANTI WRINKLE CLEANSER: Let's talk about cleanser really quickly. This one is really great at removing waterproof makeup and it's great at cleansing your skin without drying it out. It's really great and I really love it.
  • HANHOO ARGAN OIL MAKEUP REMOVING WIPES: Since we're talking about makeup remover, I'm totally obsessed with these wipes. There are many days where I'm lazy with makeup removal and these are great. I keep them in my purse so I can take my makeup off when I'm out if I so choose. They also leave your skin soft and not greasy.

  • HANHOO BUBBLE UP PEELING PAD: Let's talk about exfoliation. I rarely use a physical exfoliator but when I do, I really like these. They aren't super rough but they do a great job of removing the dead skin that just needs to go.
Now, let's talk about makeup since that's probably what you're here for. I also have another skincare post going up soon about another moisturizer and a ton of drugstore skincare products that I'm excited to be able to recommend.

  • IT COSMETICS YOUR SKIN BUT BETTER PRIMER: This is a moisturizing primer that feels kind of like a gel. It has a bit of silicon in it but not enough to give it that slippery feel that I hate. It's actually super moisturizing and good at smoothing imperfections.

  • OSMOSIS CC CREAM: We know I love CC cream and this one is just, so good. The shade that is perfect for me is Ivory. This is one of those CC creams that is white when it comes out of the tube and the color shows after you blend it into the skin. It's super easy to blend and wears really well. I don't need to set it with powder, it gives a great glow, it has a medium coverage, and it lasts all day. What more could I ask for?

  • PIXI GLOW CAKE: I haven't heard a ton about these but I've been using them for months. It's a bronzer, blush, and highlight in one. There are two shades and I've swatched them for you but you really can't see just how gorgeous it is. It's such a natural looking product and looks great for the summer.

  • COLOURPOP TINTED BROW GEL: This brow gel is so good. It gives so much volume to your brows and makes them look so full while also tinting them. It doesn't do much for hold so I recommend using a clear brow gel to set them but I still recommend it.

  • URBAN DECAY BROW ENDOWED: Yes, this is another brow gel. Hear me out. This is dual ended and has a primer on one end and color on the other. The brush on this is super tiny and skinny and grabs every brow hair. It's volumizing while also giving your brows a tint and holds them in place. Something about this gives your brows such a defined look. I included both products because I love them both but if you're looking for a super affordable option, Colourpop is great.

  • COLOURPOP VOLUMIZING MASCARA: Yes, another affordable product. This mascara is super pigmented, affordable, volumizing, and lengthening. It's not too wet but it's not super dry or heavy. I really like it.
  • URBAN DECAY PERVERSION WATERPROOF MASCARA: Yes I'm including two mascaras. I know. BUT, sometimes you need a waterproof mascara and since the formula for the Perversion mascara is so good to begin with, had to recommend the waterproof version. It's volumizing, lengthening, doesn't clump and doesn't transfer or flake. It's a total winner.

  • URBAN DECAY WATERPROOF LIQUID LINER: You absolutely can never go wrong with a waterproof black liner. Need a wing that'll last all night? You can do that with this. It's easy to apply, super pigmented, and doesn't budge.

  • COLOURPOP ULTRA BLOTTED LIP: We're still on that Colourpop train. The Ultra Blotted Lips are my favorite formula. These are awesome. If you apply them sheerly, they dry down and give a stained effect. You can layer them to make them more intense. I don't find them to be super drying but I tend to wear them under the gloss I'm about to talk about.

  • COLOURPOP SO JUICY PLUMPING GLOSS: This gloss is just...the best. These are super shiny with sheer pigmentation and are so smooth and not sticky. I hate gloss and I'm obsessed with these.

  • URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY: I think we all saw this coming. I've been obsessed with this spray for years. If you want something to lock down your makeup and hold it in place, this is what you're looking for.
So that's it! I decided to not include an eyeshadow palette because we're all looking for something different in eyeshadow and I have some amazing ones that I'll be featuring soon but, in the summer I have a tendency to use bronzer in the crease and lower lash line, pop a highlight on the inner corner and call it a day.

Let me know what your summer favorites are and I'll be back soon with more reviews, recommendations, disappointing products and a long overdue project pan update.

Thanks for reading!

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