Urban Decay x Game Of Thrones | Full Collection Review

*products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* The Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection is now available in Ult...

*products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

The Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection is now available in Ulta and Sephora, and since Urban Decay was nice enough to send it over, I wanted to review it for you. This is a fairly large collection with an eyeshadow palette, highlighter palette, lip and cheek stain, four lipsticks, four eyeliners, and two brushes.

I didn't swatch the eyeshadow palette because I've learned that swatches mean nothing, first of all. But aside from that, I have a new tattoo and it's right where I do my swatches, so that's a no-go. I did swatch the highlight palette, lipsticks, and eyeliners though, so I'll post those below.

The eyeshadow palette has 20 shades and these shades are broken up into 4 groups of 5. These colors are somewhat unique I think and the sets of 5 seem cohesive. This palette is severely lacking matte shades but the metallics and glitters are stunning. I really like this as a companion palette. The packaging is bulky and isn't travel friendly, but if you're a fan of the show, I think you'll appreciate the palette.

Next we have the Mother of Dragons highlight palette. This palette includes 3 shades, most of which seem better suited for medium-darker skin tones. The powders are soft but don't kick up much and are very similar to their other highlighters. The Urban Decay highlighter formulas tend to be a bit more glittery than some other highlighters and isn't really a formula that I prefer, but they are pretty and if you like shimmer-y highlights, you'll probably enjoy the palette. 

The packaging is super cute and the dragon egg embossed on each shade is an adorable touch.

Next, the lipsticks. There are four shades available. 

Cersei is a pretty unique shade as it's a metallic bronze, but the others aren't super unique. Sansa Stark is my personal favorite, as it's a sheer nude-peach, but this fall White Walker is going to be a staple; that deep berry is speaking to me. The red isn't something that I consider to be unique or even new to Urban Decay collections, so I'm less excited about that one. 

I'm mostly obsessed with the new 24/7 liners, which are all new gorgeous shades and actually are super unique. Lannister Lion is the most unique gold shade I've seen. It's gold but also taupe and semi-cool toned and just gorgeous. Dragon Smoke is a seriously deep plum with some shimmer. The Night King is the prettiest deep teal shade that I've seen in quite some time, and Winterfell Snow is a super cool white with blue glitter and a blue shift. It actually looks like snow. They're super unique and I absolutely recommend picking them up.

Here are some swatches of the eyeliners, lipsticks, and highlight palette.

The Dracarys lip and cheek stain gives a nice, natural flush to the cheeks and lips that I've been loving. It's not too much but can easily be layered and is so easy to use.

Lastly, we have the brushes. These brushes are totally impractical for actual everyday use because I'm not sure how you'd store them but they're super soft. I think this is one part of the collection that is best suited for collectors.

Overall, I think the collection is cute. This is probably the time to admit that I've never seen the show, so I'm not sure how this collection fairs as far as that goes. What I do know is that this collection is huge and actually really cohesive. 

You can find more info on Urban Decay's website. The collection is also available at Ulta and Sephora. Thanks for reading!

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