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*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Macy & Mia is an affordable, cruelty free line of cosmetics and 10% ...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Macy & Mia is an affordable, cruelty free line of cosmetics and 10% of all sales will be donated to charities and organizations that focuses on animal rescue. Personally, I think this is awesome and it's totally a great reason to justify purchasing more makeup. While Macy & Mia Cosmetics is advertised as an affordable brand, it's actually around the price of mid-range cosmetics. I just wanted to clarify that it isn't in the drugstore price range, but closer to ABH pricing. Although, drugstore prices have gone up so much, it's crazy!
I have a highlight palette, lip kit, and lip gloss to talk about.
Since highlighting is my favorite part of doing my makeup, I'll tell you about the palette first.
I have the Macy & Mia "The Spotlight" Palette. This palette is the same design as the ABH Glow Kits. It's cardboard with a magnetic closure, there are four highlight pans and they are interchangeable because it's magnetized. The outer and inner packaging is black and has subtle holographic glitter all over it. Personally, I love this for traveling because I can make a custom palette if I want to pull from a few different palettes rather than taking all of the separate palettes with me. 
As I mentioned, this includes four shades:

I've used this palette a lot because I wanted to see how it would perform. The powders are super soft and easy to blend. They're pretty pigmented and give a bright highlight. Something to note is that all of the shades have a very fine, iridescent micro glitter in them. It doesn't show up super glittery on your face but it's there. 

I'm not sure what range of skin tones this would work for, honestly. I can wear all of them and I'm pretty light. I think they may start to look ashy on really tan or deeper skin.

I have one of the lip kits in the shade Eden, but my lip liner is misprinted. My lip liner from the kit is labeled as Skylar, but that's actually a different lip kit. At first, I thought I had the lip liner from the wrong kit, but it's definitely the shade of the Eden lip kit and so different from Skylar, so it's just a misprinted label.

The Lip Liner in the shade Eden is a pink-nude shade that pulls pretty peachy on me. The lip liner is very creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply.  The Liquid Lipstick in Eden matches the lip pencil perfectly. It reminds me of the liquid lipsticks from Stila, which I'm not the biggest fan of. It's pigmented, but it can get streaky, it feels really thick and heavy on your lips, too. It seemed to exaggerate the lines on my lips. Another issue I had with it is it seemed to stay a little sticky. I naturally have really dry lips and it's hard to keep them moisturized. If my lips were more hydrated, this most likely would have performed much better. I like the lip liner, but I'm not a fan of the Liquid Lipstick.

I also have the Lip Gloss in Char. This gloss is a mauve-ish shade that is actually close to my natural lip color and it's vanilla scented. The gloss is very pigmented and kind of thick, which made it a little awkward to apply but once it's on, it's really pretty. It is slightly sticky, but not too much. I can deal with it and I'm picky. 

My favorite thing is "The Spotlight" Highlight palette. I'm not a big fan of the Liquid Lipstick, but honestly that comes down to personal preference. I just prefer the ones that are a thinner consistency. The Lip Liner is good, but it's very similar to the Nyx ones I have. I also liked the gloss. I think it's a pretty shade and the formula isn't bad. 

You can find all of these on their website.
Let me know what your favorite thing is!

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  1. Not a huge highlight fan but that lip looks quite pretty!

  2. I like all of the colors in the Spotlight Highlighter palette, especially Gwen.

  3. I have a lipliner from Macy & Mia that I like. I don't remember the name but the shade is really pretty. The highlighting palette looks really pretty, I'd wear it on my eyes too.

  4. I think I would really like Char, though the shade looks more reddish than mauve in the swatch on my screen. I’ve been curious about this brand

  5. These lip colours are really pretty for the summer! The highlighter palette is pretty as well although some shades almost look like they may be a tad lighter than I would prefer, at least for the summer when I end up tanner.

  6. I'd definitely be all over that highlighter quad. I'd been curious about the quality so I'm happy to see this review

  7. New to me brand. I’m going to check their website

  8. Those highlighters look pretty!

  9. The highlighter palette is one of my faves!

  10. Drugstore makeup is definitely pricy now. Nice to see new brands.

  11. The face powders look gorgeous. I think the Dolly shade might be my favorite!

  12. Thanks for the great swatches

  13. I've heard wonderful things about Macy & Mia. Those highlighters are gorgeous!

  14. These products have me written all over them - those are the colors i would pick for myself if I was shopping.

  15. All those highlighters look very pretty on your skintone, though I doubt they'd work for tan and deeper tones.

  16. I love Gwen!!! That shimmer is perfection with just the right amount of color!


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