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*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Lately, I've been testing some new products from INC.redible. In case ...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Lately, I've been testing some new products from INC.redible. In case you weren't familiar with the brand, INC.redible is the cosmetics branch of Nails INC. INC.redible is cruelty free and affordable, so let's talk about the products I got to try!

I have five lip products to talk about today. I also have a nail duo from Nails INC but I feel that they need their own post, so keep an eye out for that. The five lip products that I have are all different formulas, so I had the opportunity to try a lot of different types of products.

We'll start with the Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint. I have the shade Too Bad, which is a deep red/wine shade.

The packaging is nice, I really like that you can see the color in the tube and I love the white on the rest of the packaging. Yes, it will get dirty, but it's easy to clean so I don't mind it. It has a small doe foot applicator. The formula is thin and pigmented. I didn't find it to be streaky or patchy; I get full coverage in one swipe. Obviously, this is a deep shade and can be tricky to work with, but this does take a bit longer to dry so you have time to perfect it. Once it dries down, it doesn't budge. It also doesn't crumble or flake. I definitely like the formula and would buy more colors.

Next up we have the Foiling Around Metallic Lip Paint. The shade is Oh yeah, you did.

This is a purple with pink metallic shimmer. It's actually really gorgeous and not nearly as intimidating as it sounds. This also has a small doe foot applicator and the clear and white packaging. This is opaque in one swipe and dries a little quicker than the Liquid Lip Paint. Once dried, this doesn't budge, smudge, or flake. I'm not in love with metallic lip colors, but if I was, I'd buy more.

Third, we have the In a Dream World Iridescent Sheer Gloss. The shade I have is Never Peachless.

As you'd expect, it is a sheer peachy-coral gloss packed with iridescent shimmer. Again, this has the white and clear packaging, but the applicator on this one is flat. I find it easy to apply and wear. It's thin and feels soft on the lips, no sticky feeling and no gritty feeling from the glitter. I'd definitely buy more of these and I am so not a gloss girl.

Next we have the Pushing Everyday Semi-Matte Lip Click. I have this in the shade Puh-Lease.

This is a mauve-y toned shade that's universally flattering. I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, but it's not a huge deal. It's all white, and the lip color clicks up. You press the button on the end to push up the lipstick. If you click too much, you're just wasting product because it doesn't go back down. This is listed as semi-matte which intrigued me. It's kind of a satin matte and it's actually semi-hydrating. It doesn't dry down and it will move around, much like a traditional lipstick. It's not fully opaque and can be applied sheerly for a light wash of color, or built up to be true to the color in the tube. I really love the versatility. It's easy to apply and looks gorgeous on. Despite the packaging, I'd purchase more shades.

Lastly, we have the cutest lip balm I've ever laid eyes on, the Jelly Shot Lip Quencher. Mine is in the shade It Was Only A Kiss, but it's not really important because it's basically clear.

In the tube, it's so pretty though. It's a transparent lilac shade, with a flower at the base, suspended in the bullet. It's full of natural oils and it's gorgeous. It's almost too pretty to use. I would absolutely buy more of these.

As you can tell, I was pleasantly surprised by these products. All of the lip products I received actually worked out for me, and it's not something that happens too often. Make sure you let me know which your favorite is in the comments. You can find these products online at

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  1. I love Nail, Inc polishes and this is a fun addition to their line. I need to look into the shades they have since the line sounds so nice.

  2. Oh wow! I love the metallic lippie, and the peach iridescent. I like the packaging too.

  3. I love any peach gloss and Pul-Lease is gorgeous!

  4. 25 SweetpeasMarch 31, 2018

    The jelly shot one sounds like it would be GREAT for summer months!

  5. The Jedi WifeMarch 31, 2018

    These look great! Never Peachless in particular has my attention.

  6. This is a new to me brand, I would buy that jello shot just to display!

  7. Ehmkay NailsApril 01, 2018

    Foiling around is gorgeous. I love metallic lipsticks.

  8. The Matte My Day Liquid Lip Paint is gorgeous!

  9. Love the crisp packaging and I’m super interested in the metallic lip color!

  10. My Nail Polish ObsessionApril 04, 2018

    Those all look beautiful! I love the shimmery peach one!


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