Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette | Review & Swatches

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* November is finally here and it's acceptable to start making Holiday...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

November is finally here and it's acceptable to start making Holiday posts, so here we are. Urban Decay released the Heavy Metals Collection for holiday and we are going to talk about the Heavy Metals palette today. The new Heavy Metals Glitter Liners & Vice Lipstick Palette will be posted soon, but since there is so much to talk about I decided to split up the posts.
The Heavy Metals eyeshadow palette contains 20 new metallic eyeshadows. These are meant to be very metallic and very intense. We will talk about each shade and the formula, but first let's talk about the packaging.
I've heard many mixed reviews of the packaging for this palette. It's very unique and you're either going to love it or hate it. The outside case is very heavy duty and holds the palette inside securely. You push on the end and the palette will come out. The palette is separated into two parts, a brightly colored side and a more neutral side. The issue many people seem to have is that the center is a mirror. So, you have this large palette that is separated by a giant mirror. It's quite large, so the mirror in the center makes it a little awkward. All of that being said, it's unique and I applaud them for that. The outside case is purple and gorgeous. 
As I mentioned, there are 20 shades, and they're all new. There are 10 brightly colored shades and 10 neutral shades. 
Let's start with the neutrals:

  • SCREAM - Metallic Mauve
  • ROADIE - Metallic Burgundy
  • AFTERPARTY - Metallic Red
  • DEMO - Metallic Bronze-rose
  • BASS - Metallic Bronze
  • ACOUSTIC - Metallic Nude
  • MAIDEN - Metallic Beige
  • ANGELFIRE - Metallic Pale Pink
  • STARFIRE - Metallic Bright Copper
  • GLORY - Metallic Golden-Bronze
Top row of swatches are with fingers, second row is with a brush. In the same order as listed above.

I have swatched all of these shades and worn the majority of them. They're all gorgeous and buttery; only one shade gave me issues. Angelfire is much drier than the others and acts like more of a pressed glitter. These apply amazingly with your fingers. If you're going to use a brush, I recommend using a base to get these to their full intensity. This isn't an issue for me because I always use a glitter glue.

Here's a look I did with the neutral side:

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Okay, the colors:

  • ALUMINUM - Metallic Warm Gray-Taupe with iridescent micro-sparkle
  • DIVE - Metallic Medium Blue
  • PUNK ROCK - Metallic Fuschia
  • AMP - Metallic Bright Teal
  • GLAMROCK - Metallic Silver
  • GROUND - Metallic Black with iridescent shimmer
  • SPANDEX - Metallic Deep Blue with Purple Shift & Blue micro-sparkle
  • METALHEAD - Metallic Deep Purple
  • MULLET - Metallic Deep Green
  • TWISTED - Metallic Gold
Top row of swatches are with fingers, second row is with a brush. In the same order as listed above.

None of these shades have given me issues. They're all buttery and creamy.

Here's a look I did with the color side of the palette.

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Now that we've discussed the shades, let's talk about the formulas & how to use these. I touched on this earlier, but these apply best with your fingers or over a sticky base. I love glitter glue and I use it all of the time anyway, so it's just routine for me. I don't find this to be a bothersome step but some might. These shadows are much creamier and buttery than I expected. I thought these might be dry, but that isn't the case at all. Angelfire is slightly dry but with a base, it's still beautiful. The pigmentation on these is insane.

If you've ever used the Makeup Geek Foiled shadows, that's kind of what these are like. They're a little drier than those but the idea is the same. Some of the Urban Decay Heavy Metals are much more shimmery and glittery, rather than shiny and metallic. 

I think these are amazing for the holiday season and anytime you'd like a metallic finish or a pop of glitter. The colors are gorgeous and the formula is actually really good. I definitely recommend this palette.

You can find this palette on Urban Decay's website, Ulta, and Sephora.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think UD has lost me. I wish it would bring back the edge.

  2. OMG!!!! I want this palette!!! It's the best of both worlds in one, neutrals for day to day and colors for fun!!!

  3. That looks like a great holiday palette

  4. I just ordered this in my Rouge order. I was surprised it was so expensive but this is the perfect time to buy. I love the colors and am looking forward to wearing them. Which glitter glue base do you use? I should have ordered one.

  5. This I really hope they split the palette in the future - I love the neutral shades and would love to have those.

  6. I think the packaging looks really cool, and I'm loving the vibrant colours!

  7. Id probably only use the neutrals. The colors look a little too bright for me and I am a total minimalist when it comes to makeup (our of sheer laziness, not that I don't like it).

  8. This is a really fun palette. I'm going back and forth on it but I think I just need to head to the store and play with it.

  9. I'm trying to resist holiday products but I don't think I can say no to this one.

  10. This is a very very pretty palette! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  11. Wow! I love the look of these such gorgeous bright colours x

  12. I love your colorful looks! They really make me look at eyeshadow differently.

  13. Glam rock is such a pretty color!!! Great post!

  14. The purples in this palette look really pretty! <3 But I find that I don't reach for all metallic eyeshadow palettes very often throughout the year, so it's not practical for me :-(

  15. I love that there are brights AND neutrals. So gorgeous!

  16. LOVE!! The second look you created is my favourite

  17. I love this collection. And even though the packaging of the palette makes it big, I do love that they made it unique and took a risk with doing something special for holiday.


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