PUR PRO X ETIENNE Palette | Review & Swatches

*products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Let's take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is this pa...

*products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Let's take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is this palette. This palette is from Pur Cosmetics, in collaboration with Etienne Ortega, who is a renowned celebrity makeup artist. He has worked with the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, and more. He is known for the quote "Makeup is self expression, no rules!" This palette is meant to work on all skin tones and has 18 gorgeous shades inside.
The palette itself is cardboard with a magnetic closure. It is lacquered, so it's much easier to clean than some other palettes, if that's something that concerns you. The palette is very sleek and I really like the simple packaging. It's also very thin, so it's perfect for traveling. It has a huge, nice mirror on the inside.
We've discussed the packaging, so let's talk about the shadows. There are three rows of six shadows, totaling 18 eyeshadows. Six of these shades are matte, the other 12 are shimmer. The formula on these varies, so we will discuss them shade by shade.
  • STRIPPED - Nude shimmer. This shade is soft and pigmented. You'll notice it blends right into my skin, because it's identical to my skin tone.
  • LEGEND - Tan shimmer. This shade is also very soft and pigmented. The shimmer is subtle.
  • POPULAR - Warm tan matte. This shade is soft and blendable. Perfect as a transition shade.
  • PENNY - Copper shimmer. This is super soft and metallic. It feels almost wet, like the Makeup Geek foiled shadows, and it also has the metallic foiled look. I adore this one.
  • MONII - Red-brown shimmer. This shade is very soft with subtle shimmer.
  • MUDDY - Matte brown. This shade is soft with decent pigmentation. It's less pigmented than some others, but it's also buildable, blendable, and super easy to work with. 
  • DREAMER - Light gold shimmer. This shadow is soft and leaves a gorgeous golden sheen. It's not fully opaque, but buildable.
  • 1988 - Matte warm taupe. This is another soft shade that blends well and has modest pigmentation. 
  • ADOBE - Matte brick red. This shade is soft, blendable, and super pigmented.
  • BOSSY - Rose gold shimmer. This shade is much drier than the previous shades. It's easy to build up and the shimmer is pretty, but I was hopeful it would perform like Penny. So I'm slightly disappointed with this shade.
  • FAUX - Bronze shimmer. This shade is darker than what I would consider bronze and the shimmer is VERY subtle. It's a little drier than most of the others but extremely pigmented.
  • 3 A.M. - Matte black. This shade is soft and very pigmented. It's a little more difficult to blend, but most super pigmented black shadows are.
  • ZENON - Silver shimmer. This shade is very dry and not very pigmented. It leaves more of a shimmer-glitter sheen behind than color.
  • LOLA - Cool taupe matte. This is another very soft, blendable shade. It's also extremely pigmented.
  • PARADISE - Purple shimmer. This is my favorite shade in the palette. It's a rosy toned purple that is super soft, pigmented, and has the metallic foiled look that I love.
  • BILLIONAIRE - Dark olive shimmer. This shade is soft and lightly pigmented. The shimmer is minimal.
  • MIDNIGHT - Dark blue shimmer. This shade is so soft, you get a lot of kick up when you use it. It's extremely gorgeous but needs some finesse-ing to look its best. The texture is hard to describe; it's almost chunky?
  • GALAXY - Black shimmer. This is a soft but dry shade. It's not super pigmented and the shimmer is subtle. It is buildable.
Here are the swatches:

Top row is finger swatches, bottom row is brush swatches.

I've been playing with this palette for a couple of weeks now and I've really been enjoying it. I definitely have some favorites, like Penny, Paradise, Adobe, and Legend. There are also a couple of shades that I haven't enjoyed as much, such as Zenon, Billionaire, and Galaxy. As a whole, I think the palette is nice. There is definitely a nice selection of shades. Most are neutral but there are a few pops of color, which I can appreciate.

Overall, I feel comfortable recommending this palette. I like the shade selection and the majority of the shades perform well. Even the few that aren't as great are absolutely workable.

Oh, and since fall out and kick up seem to be a huge thing right now, I took a picture of the aftermath of finger and brush swatches, so here's that.

You can find this palette on Pur Cosmetics website and at Ulta. 

What's your favorite palette at the moment?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I want that whole bottom row.

  2. It looks like a nice palette with good mix of neutral and pop colors

  3. There are some great everyday shades in there!!💕

  4. Great thorough review. In the palette I liked the colors and felt like there was a variety of colors, but swatched - they seems to lean all orange. Is that the camera? I love peach and neutrals, so trying to see if this one would work for me.

    1. The majority of them are very warm toned. There are a couple of neutrals, but for the most part, it's a warmer palette with most shades having an orange-ish undertone. Even the purple has a very burgundy/pink undertone.

  5. Midnight seems so out of place but I LOVE my purple!

    1. It definitely does since the majority of the palette is so warm toned but it's so pretty, I've forgiven it. Haha.

  6. Definitely a great palette. It's so versatile.

  7. If I'm being honest, this palette confuses me. There are so many warm oranges and light rust shades and then it's HELLO, INDIGO. I kind of feel like this palette is missing something and wish some of the oranges where dropped for something else.

    1. I love warm shades and oranges, so I'll happily take them all but I can definitely see where someone else may prefer other shades in their place. There are A LOT of warm toned, orange-toned shades in the palette that easily could have been swapped for something more neutral.

  8. It's the perfect palette for who wants everyday wearable shades. It's very pretty! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  9. Beautiful palette ...love this shade <3

  10. Wow, this is a big palette! I've never used anything from Pur but I'd try this.

  11. This has a great variety of neutral shades. I love my neutrals but I want them to be unique like this palette.

  12. When I first saw this palette I was eyeing the Paradise shade, so awesome to hear it's a favorite of yours. Looks so fun and unique!

  13. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this palette. That's a lot of swatching!!

  14. Not bad, but nothing new


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