Julie G Bohemian Dreams Polish Collection

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Today, we're going to talk about nail polish. This is something I ha...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Today, we're going to talk about nail polish. This is something I haven't talked about in a minute but I got this beautiful collection from Jesse's Girl and had to share!
The Julie G Bohemian Dreams collection includes 6 beautiful colors. The packaging is super cute with handles that look like they're made of wood. Let's talk about the colors and I'll show you swatches. Keep in mind that my nails aren't the best. I'm still working on getting them healthy after having acrylics on for over 4 years.
Aria is a gorgeous color and great for the transition from summer to fall. This is two thin coats and I loved it.
Faith is a little lighter and more pink than Aria. This is two thin coats. I hate picking favorites, but I think this one is mine.

Harmony is lavender and super pretty. I took a picture with and without flash to show the difference between the two. I did this with 3 of the shades because there's a more drastic difference in different lighting. This is two thin coats.

Eden is a gorgeous olive-y green that I love and it is another great shade for fall. This is two thin coats.

Henna looks super different in varying lighting, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. I like that this color is a bit more unique than the others. This is two thin layers.

Karma is another that I love because I'm a sucker for all things teal. This is two thin layers.
So, let's talk about the collection as a whole. It's pretty cohesive and I love the range of shades. This collection is great for summer and fall. I love that there isn't a bad polish in the collection. They all swatched great and two thin layers is all you need. There are no brush strokes and they dried so fast. Normally, polish takes forever to dry for me but these dried in no time. These also wear well. They lasted around 5 days before chipping the slightest bit and normally my polish is chipping off within two days.
I wish I could have taken these photos in natural light rather than with lamps and flash but it was cloudy and rainy for over two weeks and I wanted to get this up. It's finally sunny but I don't have time to redo the swatches, so I hope you like these! They are true to color.
You can find these polishes at Rite Aid and on the Jesse's Girl website.
The Bohemian Dreams collection retails for $3.99 per bottle.
I have another nail post coming soon!
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Every time I see Eden, I absolutely fall in love with it! I will be buying them all.

  2. I love all the shades, I can wear all!

  3. I love Aria! I love the dusty colors of these transitioning for fall.

  4. I really love the colours in this collection!

  5. I really like the wooden-look caps on these!

  6. I just love this collection!

  7. Those wood-colored tops are so cute!

  8. I've been really impressed with the last couple of JulieG collections. Bohemian Dreams is definitely a winner!


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