Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Collection Swatches and Review

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* I know I'm late to the party, but I just received the Urban Decay Na...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*

I know I'm late to the party, but I just received the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and the rest of the collection in the mail last week. I wasn't sure if I'd receive it in PR but then it arrived and I've been playing with this collection since.
Urban Decay Naked Heat Review

To be completely honest, before I received it I had went back and forth with the idea of buying it. I have the original three Naked Palettes and the two Naked Basics palettes. I have mixed feelings on those, specifically the Naked 3 but I've always liked them. I hesitated to buy this palette due to swatches I had seen. The Naked Heat palette wasn't put in the best light, as a certain magazine had swatched it horribly. In addition to that, many of the shades just looked too similar to me from photos I had seen online.

So here we are, with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Let's talk about it.
UD Naked Heat Palette Review Swatches

I'm majorly in love with the packaging. Not only is it gorgeous, but it feels heavier and more secure. The mirror is nice and the case snaps shut. I think the way it's made is ideal for travel.
Also, the brush that comes with this palette is really nice. I typically don't like brushes that come with palettes, but I really enjoy this one.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about these colors.
UD Naked Heat Collection Review

There are five shimmer shades and seven matte shades, meaning this palette contains more mattes than any of the other Naked Palettes, with the exception of the Naked Basics 1, 2 & Ultimate. I think this was a great decision and made this a much more versatile palette than the original three.
UD Naked Heat

From left to right the shades are:

  • Ounce - Ivory Shimmer
  • Chaser - Light Nude Matte
  • Sauced - Soft Terracotta Matte
  • Low Blow - Brown Matte
  • Lumbre - Copper Shimmer with Gold Pearl Shift
  • He Devil - Burnt Red Matte
  • Dirty Talk - Metallic Burnt Red
  • Scorched - Metallic Deep Red with Gold Micro Shimmer
  • Cayenne - Deep Terracotta Matte
  • En Fuego - Burgundy Matte
  • Ashes - Deep Reddish Brown Matte
  • Ember - Deep Metallic Copper Burgundy
UD Naked Heat Swatches
(Top row of swatches are finger swatches, bottom row are brush swatches. Both are over Urban Decay Primer Potion.)

I've used each of these shades, so we will quickly talk about the formula.

  • Ounce is the lightest shade in the palette and has a sheer pigmentation. It can be built up and it blends well. It has shimmer but it's not too shimmery.
  • Lumbre is the driest shimmer in the palette. It has a more stiff texture than the others and it's more glittery than the others. This one has considerably more fallout and really needs a stickier base to perform to its full potential. If you have the original Naked palette, the formula of this is similar to Side Car.
  • Dirty Talk and Scorched are similar in color. Dirty Talk is more of a fire-y copper while Scorched is a little more on the rose gold end of the spectrum, due to the micro shimmer. They look very similar on the eyes as well. The formula for both of these is really nice. They're more buttery and smooth than the shimmers I'm used to. They're quite pigmented as well.
  • Ember is a copper and red duo-chrome with a blackened base. It's not listed in this way, but that's precisely what it is. If you've used Makeup Geek Steampunk, they're pretty much identical. Ember is buttery, smooth, and applies well. It's pretty pigmented but really benefits from a stickier base to get the full effect of the duo-chrome.
UD Naked Heat Swatches
(Top row of swatches are finger swatches, bottom row are brush swatches. Both are over Urban Decay Primer Potion.)
Naked Heat Brush Swatches

  • Chaser is a great transition shade and it slightly more sheer than the other mattes in this palette. I find it's easy to build up if you want to but I actually prefer it this way. 
  • Sauced and Low Blow are both brown shades with slightly different undertones. Sauced is more warm while Low Blow is slightly more neutral. There is a visible difference between them and it's enough to warrant having both in this palette. They're both pigmented, soft and easy to blend. 
  • He Devil, Cayenne, and En Fuego are very soft, blendable, and very pigmented. They all have very red undertones and work perfectly together as well as with every other shade in the palette.
  • Ashes is described as a deep, reddish brown but in my opinion, it's more purple than red. It's also one of the only cooler toned shades in this palette, but somehow it still works. I love this in the outer V and it works great as eyeliner. This shade is slightly drier than the other mattes and slightly more sheer, but it can easily be built up to a deeper shade and despite being drier, it's blendable.
UD Naked Heat

Overall, the formula on this palette totally surprised me. The colors are much more rich and pigmented than those in previous Naked Palettes. That may be because this one is less of a neutral, no makeup palette and more of an intense palette. I love how the colors can all work together and you can do multiple looks with this one palette. 

I love warm palettes and this one did not disappoint. I love the packaging, the color selection, and the formula. This is by far my favorite Naked palette and has become one of my favorite palettes. It's definitely a great summer palette and one that will carry over into fall.

It's currently out of stock on Urban Decay's website, but it's still available at Ulta and Sephora.

Let's quickly discuss the rest of the collection.

There are three lipsticks and two eyeliners in this collection.


  • Fuel - Warm Peach-Nude Cream
  • Scorched - Metallic Copper
  • Heat - Metallic Burnt Red-Gold
Of the three, Fuel is my favorite. It's a nice nude and semi-matte. It wasn't drying, in fact it was really creamy and pigmented. I find it lasts around 5 hours without fading and it's easy to touch up.
Scorched and Heat are both metallic shades. They're both gorgeous and wear as well as Fuel. Heat is slightly less pigmented than the others, but buildable. Scorched is opaque in one layer and is much less gritty feeling than Heat. Heat is slightly gritty and both leave glitter particles on your lips after removal. 
UD Naked Heat Lipstick Eyeliner Swatches


  • Torch - Warm Terracotta
  • Alkaline - Plum with Burgundy Undertones
Torch and Alkaline are both pigmented and smooth. Both apply well to the waterline and lasted well. These didn't transfer onto my contact lenses which is why I love the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. These are just like the others and go well in my collection.

I'm a huge fan of the entire collection. The color range is exactly what I look for and all of the products in the collection work together. I definitely approve!

Have you tried anything from the Urban Decay Naked Heat collection?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This palette looks gorgeous, the shades are definitely my cup of tea!

    Emily xo

  2. I love my naked palettes and I need to add this one to my collection - those peach shades are stunning! :) Lovely review Nikki!

  3. The collection as a whole isn't that exciting but the palette on its own is gorgeous. I love the warm colour selection and think it is a fab addition to the Naked Palette range. When it comes back in stock I am for sure buying it.

  4. I haven't tried it but I haven't seen it in person to swatch. I think I'd only use about 3 shades though so I need to avoid the palette even though my collection would like it.

  5. I love this palette. I was really surprised by how much I grabbed for it. Even though it's very warm, you can wear it every day.

  6. I bought the palette and alkaline when ulta sent me a 20% off. I haven't opened it yet but it's so pretty! I have two other naked palettes I've never even opened. Bad hoarder.

    1. I have 3 unopened Naked palettes and 3 others I rarely use. Naked Heat is definitely my favorite!

  7. Naked Heat is soooo gorgeous! I would have totally picked it up if I didn't already own dupes for most of the colors.

  8. I absolutely adore this palette. I can't believe I used to avoid warm colors thinking I was too cool toned to wear them.

    1. I used to do the same, now I can't get enough warm tones!

  9. Not my cup of tea, but I can see how they would be great basics for someone who regularly does eye makeup.

  10. I passed on this palette because I had a few already that I know I would use and a lot of these colors I probably wouldn't get use out of, but it's certainly a gorgeous one - that's for sure.

  11. Those colors are so pretty! I think I need this palette in my life.

  12. Awesome blog, just started following!



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