Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palettes | Review & Swatches

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own* Contouring has been a huge trend for a while now, and I don't thin...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, opinions are my own*
Shapeshifter palette review

Contouring has been a huge trend for a while now, and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. If you're into the contouring trend, I have good news for you, Urban Decay released the Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palettes. 

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palettes aren't just contour palettes, though because they also have color correctors and highlighters. Whether you prefer creams or powders, this palette has you covered, so let's talk about the packaging.
We've discussed this before, but I'm ALWAYS skeptical of palettes that have creams and powders in the same palette. However, this is totally different. The creams are on one side and the powders are on the other. They are separated by a mirror and open totally separately. I'll show you what I mean.
Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palettes
Cool, right? These palettes come in two shades, light-medium and medium-dark. I do think these palettes will work for a large variety of skin tones, and I swatched them both to show all of the colors.
There are 5 creams and 4 powders. We'll talk about the creams first.
(light-medium creams)
UD Contour Light medium
The creams are super creamy and while that should be a given, I've had many cream palettes where the creams are either greasy or too dry. These look super intense, but they're very blendable and blend right into the skin. They don't move my foundation around and they don't end up splotchy, which is another issue I've come across with other cream products in the past. 
(medium-dark creams)
Urban Decay Contour medium-dark
The powders are very buttery. 
(light-medium powders)
Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette light
They do kick up a bit when you dip your brush in and the contour powders are super pigmented. The matte highlight powder is also really pigmented, but the shimmery highlight is more subtle but it's very gorgeous. They all apply very smoothly on the skin and blend well over the creams or on their own. 
(medium-dark powders)
Urban Decay contour medium
You can use both the cream and the powder products together or you can use them separately. They aren't dependent upon one another, which I prefer. I definitely don't cream contour on a regular basis but I use the cream highlight pretty consistently. For review purposes, I've been cream contouring lately and I've been able to make this palette look very natural and I really like that. If you're into the intense contour, you can definitely achieve it as well.
Light medium cream & powder swatches
Urban Decay Shapeshifter swatches
Medium-dark cream & powder swatches
Urban Decay Contour Medium dark swatches
Overall, I really like the palettes. I think they will work for multiple skin tones and skin types. They can be used for more natural looks or for a more dramatic look. The powders are buttery and pigmented, the creams are creamy and blendable. The packaging is compact and keeps the powders and creams separated. It's perfect for travel.
You can find them on Urban Decays website.
I'll have the rest of this collection up soon!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really like how the creams and powders are separated! Adding this to my wishlist!

  2. I don't contour, but otherwise I love naked products! I have all the palettes.

  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2017

    I just got these and can't wait to try them out!

  4. I really love how they did the two level, separated creme and powder compartments.

  5. Greatbreview. It's nice to see a contouring palette that would work with my darker complexion.

  6. Interesting idea! I didn't realize they had put out a product like this.

  7. When I first saw photos of these, I thought there were two new Naked eyeshadow palettes!

  8. Looks nice but I would never use those. I hardly wear makeup and am not a big fan of the contoured look.


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