Urban Decay New Products Review

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, opinions are my own* Last week, I posted the review of the new Urban Decay Shape...

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, opinions are my own*

Last week, I posted the review of the new Urban Decay Shapeshifter palettes, which I love. They came in a new collection of products, but I felt they needed an entire post dedicated to them. I'll be reviewing the rest of the collection in this post.
Urban Decay Naked Skin
The rest of the collection included:
  • Naked Skin the Illuminizer Translucent Pressed Beauty Powder
  • Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium
  • The Velvetizer Translucent Mix-in Medium
  • UD Pro Contour Shapeshifter Brush
I didn't discuss the brush with the Shapeshifter palette because I don't really use it with the palette. You can, but, I don't. 

Urban Decay Beauty Powder

  • Naked Skin The Illuminizer Translucent Pressed Beauty Powder is made to work for any skin tone. You can apply it all over for a glow or just on highlight points for a lightly strobed effect. It is translucent and it's very light on your skin. I find it works great on my dry skin. It's illuminating but it isn't glittery or shimmery. I don't use this all over my face as I have large pores, but I do use it under my eyes, across my cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin.
Urban Decay Liquid Highlight

  • Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium is for brightening. You take a drop and mix it into your foundation or you can apply on top of your foundation to highlight. This has a pearl-y undertone to it but it is similar to the Pur Cosmetics No Filter Primer I reviewed not too long ago. That one had a gold undertone to it. However, this is not meant to prime. I have been mixing this with my foundation lately and it does a great job of brightening. It's a little thick so it almost doesn't want to work with the packaging, so you have to be careful not to get too much. It's really not a big deal, definitely not a deal breaker. I really love the results, though. It leaves a super dewy finish, and that's exactly what I'm looking for. If you want to use it to highlight, it definitely works for that as well, just don't put it over powder because it will lift your makeup if you do.
Urban Decay Translucent Powder

  • The Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In Medium is mixed into your foundation to give it a matte finish and extra coverage. You can also use it as a finishing powder. I have dry skin, so the idea of making my foundation more matte was not something I tend to do, but I tried it because I was intrigued and it's so cool! This is definitely not something I need to be doing because my skin does not like matte foundations but it does work and it does bump up the coverage. I have been using this as a finishing powder because it's super light on the skin. It literally feels like velvet but it's so light. You can't see it on your skin, and I love that.
Urban Decay Contour Brush

  • UD Pro Contour Shapeshifter Brush is obviously a contour brush. It was developed for use with the Shapeshifter palette. The domed end is for contour, color-correcting and blended and the fan brush is for highlighting. Here's my thing. I use the domed end to place the cream products and I do use the fan brush for highlighting but I use my other brushes for blending my cream contour and I use different brushes for powder contour because I like a light, natural contour. I'm sure you can probably do that with this brush, but I am not that skilled. I do love this brush, it's soft, it gets the job done and it's done well with me washing it, in case you were wondering.
Final verdict? Urban Decay can do no wrong? Haha, okay. I really like this collection, as usual. Urban Decay knows what they're doing, obviously. They've been here for a while, they are on top of it. These are good products. Do you need them? Well, that's for you to decide what your needs are. 

You can find them all at Sephora!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Do you have the new heat palette?! These products look good but not something I use regularly.

  2. The Illuminating Mix-in medium looks interesting!

  3. I think I'd like the illuminating powder, the drops and the brush.

  4. These all seem great. I've still never tried anything from them.

  5. I like the idea of these products.

  6. All of these are things I would use! I will be in the market for a new setting powder soon.

  7. I love a good translucent powder!

  8. I LOVE drops like this!

  9. I love everything UD does!

  10. I love the look of these, I must try Urban Decay there products sound lovely x

  11. I love my Naked shadow palettes but I haven't tried any other products from this brand. I definitely need to because these look lovey.

  12. How translucent is the translucent powder? A lot of translucent powders end up showing up on my porcelain skintone - do you think I could get away with this one?

    1. This one is not 100% invisible. It smooths and blurs your skin so well but it has a slightly yellow look to it that is a little more obvious if you're super pale.


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