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*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own* Jesse's Girl is an affordable cruelty free brand that you can fi...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own*

Jesse's Girl is an affordable cruelty free brand that you can find at the drugstore. Jesse's Girl carries makeup and nail products, and I'm going to share some products that I like and some that weren't my favorite with you today.
I had planned on doing individual reviews, but in the end I decided it would be a better idea to just do a hits and misses post with all of the products I've tried included. This made more sense to me than doing a bunch of short reviews, especially for the products that aren't my favorite.
We'll start with a product that I really like.
Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner Review
  • Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (Black) This liner is super black and has a brush tip rather than a felt tip. It's not too watery and it's very pigmented. It's easy to apply and dries extremely quickly. Once it dries, it stays put. It absolutely doesn't budge. I've been loyal to my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner for the past couple of years, but this is a contender. They're pretty identical in every way except this one doesn't fade at the inner and outer corners like the Kat Von D liner tends to do. 
Jesse's Girl Liner Review

You can see how pigmented it is from the swatch, that's just one quick line. It went straight on and didn't bleed. We'll talk about the white liner in a second. 
The black waterproof liner is a definitely hit.

Jesse's Girl Liners

  • Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner (White) This is a white liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. I used to truly adore felt tip eyeliners until I was hooked on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. All that aside, I tried to give this liner a fair chance. It swatched okay, and honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be as opaque as it swatched. However, it never swatched again because it immediately dried out. That one swatch was all that ever came from it and that makes me sad. I was really looking forward to having an awesome white liquid eyeliner because it has potential. It needs the same applicator as the black eyeliner. 
  • Unfortunately, this is a miss.
Jesse's Girl Contour Kit

  • Jesse's Girl Highlight & Contour Kit : This kit has 4 highlight shades and 4 contour shades. The powders are extremely soft, pigmented and blendable. All of the powders are matte with the exception of one highlight shade. The two highlight shades on the left are gorgeous; one is matte, one is shimmery. They can be built up in intensity. The yellow toned powder isn't too yellow and the pink toned powder isn't too pink. The contour shades all vary in darkness and slightly in tone, however, they're all pretty warm. The least warm of the bunch is the third from the left, and it has a slightly pink undertone. 
Jesse's Girl Highlight and Contour Kit Swatches

The contour powders are extremely pigmented and when I say pigmented, I do mean it. You need the tiniest amount or you'll overdo it. Dip your brush in and tap the majority of it off. They will blend easily, but you can also easily overdo it.

Jesse's Girl Highlight & Contour Kit Review

The packaging makes it easy to see all of the shades and it snaps shut. It isn't difficult to open and it's thin enough that it fits well with my other palettes.

Jesse's Girl Contour Swatches Review

So here's the verdict. I've been using this palette and trying to decide how I feel about it. The formula is nice, the powders feel nice and luxurious. The palette is affordable and I like the highlight shades. The contour colors run a little warm, and for some skin tones, that is amazing. If you are super pale and have pink undertones, this may not be the best option for you. I have neutral undertones in my skin and I'm very pale; I've used this palette multiple times and I make it work. It's bordering on too warm. If you're going to be self tanning or anything this spring and summer, this palette will probably have the perfect colors for you. I'd recommend looking at it in person to see how you feel about the colors.
As far as my opinion goes, this palette is a hit. The quality is great.

Jesse's Girl Dream Girl

  • Jesse's Girl Eyeshadow Palette Dream Girl : This palette has 9 shades in the mauve, taupe and purple family. I've used it a couple of times to make sure I used all of the colors and I've swatched all of the shades so I could show them to you. The pigmentation varies on these colors, as you'll notice in the swatches below.
Jesse's Girl Eyeshadow Swatches

Jesse's Girl Dream Girl Palette Swatches

Some of the shades are a bit powdery and the deeper shades swatched a little better. The shimmery shades are pretty, but they don't stick to the eye well, so if you want them to really pop you'll need a sticky base. The matte shades blend well and are definitely buildable. 
Jesse's Girl Eyeshadow Palette Dream Girl

The matte colors were the stand out shades in the palette, which is unusual for a drugstore palette. The shimmery shades need a little help, but they're pretty and it's not a big deal to put down a sticky base, considering the palette is only $3.99. The palette contains all of the shades you'll need to do multiple eye looks. You can do looks for day or night, dramatic or subtle. I do enjoy this palette. I think it's a great drugstore option and if you're a beauty on a budget, I really recommend it. I'll post a look at the end using this palette and most of the other products mentioned. 

This eyeshadow palette is a hit.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Shadow

  • Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow Purple Haze : Purple haze is a deep purple shade. The fluid shadows are exactly what you'd think, they're liquid eyeshadows meant to be worn all over the lid but can also be used as a liner. 
Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow Snowflake Purple Haze

  • Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow Snowflake : This is a true icy silver color.
I was super excited to get these because I had so many ideas of things I could do with them, like use them as a base, wear them as awesome metallic liner, use Snowflake as a pop of color on the inner corner, but none of that panned out.

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow Swatches Review

As you can see, these come with a fairly wide brush tip. It's not large by any means, but wide enough that using it for anything super precise is out of the question. That was the first thing that threw off my plans. I didn't let it deter me, and that ended up not being the issue at all. 

The formula on these is not great. I wanted to love these, I sooooo wanted to love these. I tried them on my eyelid and I was afraid they'd crease but that didn't happen. Instead, they got SO DRY that they started cracking and flaking. So, I moved on to plan B and tried them as liner. It's so hard to apply them with this brush, so I used my own liner brush, but it was the same problem. They cracked and flaked off on the outer corners. 

So, here's my thoughts. These are something I'm holding onto for when I want to do some super artistic makeup for IG or Halloween makeup that I don't need to have on for a long period of time. They're super pigmented and dry down fast, so they have good qualities. The formula needs a little work. 

Unfortunately, these are a miss.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Lipstick

  • Jesse's Girl Matte Finish Lip Color Angelic : This is a liquid lipstick that is described as a caramel nude shade. On me, it pulls more orange-terracotta. It's a rose-y nude shade, but it has an orange-y terracotta undertone on my skin tone. You'll see it in the FOTD picture I post at the end. 
Jesse's Girl Angelic Swatch

When it dried down on my hand, it dried a rosier tone. On my lips, it has a little more orange in it. 

This liquid lipstick formula is very thin, but opaque. It's not streaky, patchy and feels like nothing on your lips. It dries incredibly fast and stays put. It wasn't super drying on my lips, but it is a bit more drying than some other liquid lipsticks. I wore this for around 6 hours before I felt like I needed to put on chapstick. It didn't cause my lips to become overly dry or chapped, it just made them feel a little dry. It's nowhere near as drying as the Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit lipsticks.

Jesse's Girl Matte Lipstick Angelic

It has a doe foot applicator, which is pretty stiff but easy enough to use. I didn't have an issue getting a straight line. This lasted through food and drinks.

This is a hit.

Jesse's Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm Review
  • Jesse's Girl Twist & Shout Lip Balm : Lastly, we have a lip balm. I'm a sucker for lip balms. I have them stashed everywhere. Probably because I'm a liquid lipstick junkie so I need the moisture. 
This lip balm is tangerine flavored and scented. That may be an issue for some people but I kind of love it. It kind of smells like an orange creamsicle. It's extremely smooth and very moisturizing. I've been wearing this a lot during the day lately, when I'm not wearing lipstick. I've been putting it on between lip swatches and basically anytime I'm not wearing lipstick. It's been doing a great job of keeping my lips hydrated.

This is another hit.

Here's a makeup look I did using most of the products mentioned in this post:

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That's it for my Jesse's Girl Hits & Misses. There are definitely more hits than misses, and I definitely recommend checking out some of their products and deciding for yourself which products you like. They're cruelty free and extremely affordable. I really want to try some more products & if I do, I'll be sure to let you know what I think!

You can find all of these products on the Jesse's Girl website, on Amazon & also in store at Rite-Aid!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't have a Rite Aid near me, and I'm so hit or miss when it comes to shopping online! I LOVE Angelic so may have to pick that one up at least!

    1. It's a nice matte lipstick. I get what you mean, I order things online and then when I get them sometimes it's like the product is totally different than it looked online.

  2. As long as I wear an eyeshadow primer I don't have trouble with the shadows. I love the colors of the Fluid Eyes but they don't always work for me. They do make nice eyeliners though.

    1. The shadows are pretty and definitely worth the price.

  3. Their liquid eyeliner is seriously amazing! Trumps any of my high end ones for sure.

    1. I totally fell in love with it. Before I tried it, I thought it was all hype but it's actually pretty amazing.

  4. I love this post. It's so clear and was fun to read. That being said, I'm going to have to grab that black lip and matte lippie. I'm blown away by them. Disappointed about the white drying out after one use. Have you contacted them? I wonder if it's a big issue?

    1. Thank you! I'm so disappointed in the white liner. I sent them an e-mail but I didn't hear back. I've looked up other reviews and I've heard similar complaints about the white liner and the other pastel colors, so I think it's a pretty common problem. I think they just need to switch the packaging to the same packaging the black liner comes in.

  5. Love the JGC liquid lips!

  6. I'm loving that matte finish lip color!

  7. Those lip colors are so lovely!!!

  8. I'll have to check for those shadow products...they look lovely!

  9. I have yet to find a white, liquid liner to rave about.


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