Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time Collection | Review & Swatches

*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own* I've been reviewing the Pixi Beauty spring collection, which is ...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own*

I've been reviewing the Pixi Beauty spring collection, which is a series of collaborations with some of their favorite influencers. Today we're going to talk about the Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time collaboration that includes an eyeshadow palette and a lip color palette.
Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time Collection Review
We'll talk first about the Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time Eyeshadow palette called the ItsEyeTime palette.
The ItsEyeTime palette is a neutral palette with a mix of shimmer and matte shades. These range from light shades to dark, but the light shades aren't super light. What I mean by this is, none of these shades are light enough to really be a highlight in anyway on my eyes, so for an inner corner or brow highlight, I have to reach outside of this palette.
Pixi Beauty ItsEyeTime Review
This is a very warm toned palette. A few of the shades lean more neutral, but they still have the slightest warmth to them. The pigmentation is okay, not amazing. I had to build up the swatches on my hand to show the colors because I wanted you to be able to see the shades and they don't swatch well. However, they apply fine on the eyes so bad swatches aren't a fair representation. If you want a super pigmented eye look, you'll have to build them up a little bit, but it's really not that big of a deal. 
They blend pretty well, I only had issues with the black; it tends to skip and doesn't like to blend evenly. I find this happens with a lot of black eyeshadows. Some of the darker shades can be a little more difficult to blend, but they'll blend beautifully with some patience.
Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time Collection Swatches
I really like the shades in this palette. I wish there was a lighter shade or two because I'm super pale and I hate when I have to go to another palette when I'm using a neutral palette already. I always feel like a neutral palette should have it all. Some of the shades are a little more difficult to work with, some are fine. Patience is key; applying them with a light hand works much better than trying to apply it heavily. Layering works better. I'm not always patient, so I won't always be reaching for this. 
Overall, I think the palette is gorgeous and it's exactly what I expected. Judy almost always has light, neutral looks and that's what this palette excels at. I'm into bolder, stronger looks and that's a bit harder to achieve with this palette, because some of the colors apply more sheerly. For everyday looks, this palette is a hit.
ItsEyeTime Review
Now, let's talk about the ItsLipTime palette. 
I've never talked about a lip palette on my blog before and there's a short and simple explanation for that. I hate them. I know how that sounds, It sounds snobby and picky. That's fine, because it is what it is. We all know I'm a primer snob, well, I'm a lipstick snob. Lipsticks in a palette are different. We all know it. The formula is different and how is a lipstick palette practical in a real life sense, ever? For a photo shoot? Sure. On set? Sure. Going out to dinner? No thanks. I'm not going to just toss a lipstick palette in my purse. That's insane.
Now that we got that out of the way and I sound like a jerk, here's the thing. I haven't touched this palette. I didn't want to ruin it, because I'll probably give it to someone who will use it because the colors are so pretty. I see no practical sense where I will ever use it and I don't want to waste it. It's one of those things where I know I'm never going to use it so why destroy it?
Pixi Beauty It's Judy Time Review & Swatches
So, I took pictures of it so you can see the pretty colors in it, but I did not swatch them because I want to be able to give it to someone else who will love it. 
Here are my thoughts on the palette without messing with it. Lipstick palettes all have a different formula than regular lipsticks. They're thinner, less pigmented, and you need a brush to apply them unless you're some kind of wizard who can use your finger and not look like a five year old who busted into your moms makeup bag. It's impractical for taking with you on the go, so take something else to touch up your lips with. The color range in this palette is good and the shades are really pretty. There are some gorgeous neutrals as well as some deeper shades and reds. There's really something for everyone. 
Let's take a moment to discuss something I forgot to mention in my last post. The packaging for these palettes is the same as the packaging on the contour and bronzer palettes from the Pixi Beauty X Maryam Maquillage collection. This packaging is plastic and snaps shut. It can be difficult to open, and I've had issues opening them at times. This is the kind of packaging that will eventually break. Whether it breaks at the hinge or it cracks down the middle, it will happen. I wouldn't recommend traveling with them, and if you do, I'd be very careful.
So, do I recommend the products from the Pixi Beauty X It's Judy Time Collection?
Yes and no.
I recommend the eyeshadow palette if you love neutral shadows and can't get enough. It's great for everyday looks, and the colors can be built up for bolder looks as well. This would also be a great palette for someone who is new to makeup and just learning. Since the shades are less pigmented, it's a great palette for learning to blend and do everyday makeup.
I recommend the lip palette if you like lip palettes. If you're like me and prefer something more travel friendly or a liquid lipstick that's basically colored lip glue, no, don't get it because you're wasting your money. Again, another great product for someone new to makeup without much in their collection. A lip palette is a great way to experiment and find out what lip colors work for you and what doesn't.
Do you have either of these palettes? What do you think?
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Thanks for reading!

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  1. Pixi always has such pretty shades. Nice of you to save the one palette for someone who will use it!

  2. I'm with you on lipstick palettes! LOL. The other palettes are great neutrals, and I totally agree with you that another lighter shade would have been nice. Great reviews Nikki!

  3. That is a pretty eye shadow palette, neutrals are my jam. I would not be happy about not having a light shade in it, tho. Sure, I can pull in other shadows but why should I have to?

    I agree with you about lip palettes. No thank you. I think that they are great for makeup artists. I suppose, since I'm a housewife I could make use of a lip palette because I'm home and I can nip in and touch up but I still prefer tubes. :)

    1. I'm also a housewife, so I could technically use the palette but I prefer not to.

  4. I am not a huge fan of lipstick palettes in general, but they are super helpful for school theater clubs and for MUAs.

    1. I hadn't even thought of theater clubs, but definitely!

  5. I like the couple of sparkly shades!

  6. I hear you on the lipstick palettes. It might be useful if you're one to de-package your palettes into something more manageable, but that's not me. The eyeshadow palette would definitely get more use from me.

  7. Both of these palettes are beautiful. However, I too need a lighter shade in my eye palette and I don't care for lip palettes.

  8. That's a good eyeshadow palette for smokey eye makeup or a day time neutral look. I love the lip shades in that lip palette

    1. It's a great everyday eyeshadow palette, for sure.

  9. I'll be a lipstick palette snob with you! I love the idea of keeping a lot of shades in one neat place, but I NEED the portability that you really don't get with lipstick palettes. I also kind of hate dealing with lipstick brushes while out as well so that's another negative for me.

  10. I do love neutrals but I wonder if there's a good black eyeshadow. I've never met one that was great. Good to know the packaging is meh.

  11. love love love the eye shadow palette!

  12. These look really lovely, I love the colours x


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