Lorac Holiday 2016

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, opinions are my own.* I'm always super excited for holiday releases because ...

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, opinions are my own.*

I'm always super excited for holiday releases because they're always so cute and the holiday releases from Lorac are no exception. I have a few to share with you and I'll give you my thoughts on what I have.
Lorac Holiday Collection
  • Cue the Confetti Highlighter & Blush Palette
  • Mocktail Mixer Pro Matte Lip Color Set
  • Pro Metal Palette in Rose Gold
Lorac Christmas

There's no denying the cuteness of the packaging. I'm all about the metallics and rose golds, so in my eyes they totally nailed it.

Lorac Christmas 2016

So, so adorable. The colors are nice as well. I don't have the full holiday set, but the part that I have goes well together. Let's talk about these individually now.

Lorac Mocktail Mixer Set

Mocktail Mixer Pro Matte Lip Color Set
This set comes with three matte lip colors in the shades Autumn, Italian Rose and Burgundy Wine. These shades limited edition. The formula is matte but creamy. I didn't find that they felt too drying, and they're very pigmented. They're very soft.
Lorac Mocktail Mixer Swatches
Top to bottom:
Burgundy Wine, Autumn, Italian Rose.
Lorac Highlight Blush Palette
Cue the Confetti Highlighter & Blush Palette
Can we talk about this packaging? It gives me serious retro-Vegas vibes and I kind of love it. Plus that metallic rose gold, again? Yes, please. 
Also, I'd like to add that this comes with that brush that's pictured. It's also rose gold. It's like they've read my mind. I'd typically not a fan of brushes that come in sets like these but that brush is crazy soft.
Lorac Holiday Palette
There are 4 shades in this palette. One highlighter, three blushes. The highlighter is a bit deeper for someone as pale as me, but will work as a blush topper. If you're a light-medium skin tone or deeper, it's going to be a gorgeous highlighter on you. It looks much darker in the pan than it actually is, though. I haven't tried it on my face yet, so I'm going to try it very lightly and see how it turns out.
  • Spotlight is a rose gold pearl (limited edition)
  • Tinge is a nude
  • Technicolor is a coral
  • Vivid is a hot pink
Spotlight is the only limited edition shade in this palette, but it is gorgeous. Seriously. Here are the swatches.

Lorac Highlight Blush Palette Review

Lorac Cue the Confetti Palette Swatches

Spotlight, Tinge, Technicolor, Vivid.

Lorac Pro Metal Rose Gold

How cute is this palette?

Lorac Pro Metal Review

All these metallic shades are calling my name. As they do. Because makeup speaks to completely normal people.
Moving on.
These shadows are very soft, very buttery, very pigmented and very easy to blend. There is some fallout, that's normal with metallic eyeshadows and that's normal with eyeshadows this soft. It doesn't have an effect on their performance. Tap off your brush before applying them to your eyes and it will save you a ton of clean up. Fall out has never bothered me.
The colors are gorgeous and I love that there are neutrals with pops of color. This is a great little palette.

I have a ton of swatches for this palette because I wanted to make sure you could see just how metallic they are when they catch the light. So gorgeous.

Lorac Pro Metal Rose Gold Swatches

Lorac Rose Gold Swatches

Lorac Pro Metal Rose Gold Review Swatches

Lorac Holiday Swatches

Quartz, Rose Gold, Graphite, Onyx, Gilded, Amber, Clover, Cobalt.

I'm not sure if these are repeats from any other Lorac palettes because I don't currently have any other Lorac palettes other than the Lorac Pro to Go palette which I also adore.

But, I do totally, 100% love this one!

Overall, I think this collection is a win. I definitely think makeup lovers will love this collection and it's another collection you can't go wrong with! If you missed my post on the IT Cosmetics Holiday Collection, check it out for more gift ideas because their collection is amazing as well and they're both very different, so between the two there are tons of options!

I'll have my annual gift guide up soon, so keep an eye out for that!

What's on your Christmas list this year?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm loving the metallic shades from the Lorac Pro palette! That will be fun for holiday eye looks!

  2. I love the eye palette - the cobalt almost has a purple look to it in some photos! And I'm always a fan of metallics (gold, copper, golds). <3

    1. I'm obsessed with all things metallic.

  3. These products look great! I love holiday gift sets - great price points!

  4. Great swatches! The shade selection for the palette is quite nice, I'm always in a metallic mood for the fall and winter months :)

    1. The colors in this palette are perfect for fall and winter.

  5. the blue is lovely, but I've read that the Lorac blues are stainers.

    1. Ooh, I'll have to look out for that. I don't really mind, I'm kind of used to the UD Electric palette staining my eyes, but that's interesting.

  6. I love the lip colors!!! Perfect for the upcoming holidays!!!

    1. Definitely! I love how there's a nice range of shades.

  7. You know, I've never tried anything from LORAC, which seems like a shame because they do make some nice-looking stuff. I'm curious about the matte lip colors, how's the wear on them?

    1. I wore one yesterday all day long and it was just as gorgeous when I took it off as when I put it on. It lasted well through drinking through a straw and snacking, granted I didn't have any meals during that 7 hour period so I can't speak to that. It's not transfer proof, but it doesn't seem to smear around, either. Application is really easy, so touch ups should be a breeze.

  8. I love the eye palette and the packaging is really sleek ! Great for travelling too :)


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