Holiday Gift Guide | 2016

*Some products mentioned may have been sent for free. All opinions are my own.* I try to make sure to post a gift guide every year, bec...

*Some products mentioned may have been sent for free. All opinions are my own.*

I try to make sure to post a gift guide every year, because I LOVE putting them together. I normally post a ton of products, but this year, I've stuck to beauty and I've kept it short and simple.
I'll add a few things at the end that aren't pictured, just a few notes I think are important to take into consideration when shopping, and I'll also link my Black Friday Sales post here and at the end, in case you want to see any deals.
Holiday 2016
I've tried to include some affordable options, as well as some higher ends options throughout this guide, to make sure there's something for every budget.
Eyeshadow Palettes:
Naked Basics
Anastasia Modern Renaissance

You can tell mine are well loved & these could easily be staples in any beauty lovers collection.
If you're looking to splurge, a great palette that I covet but do not yet own are the Viseart palettes. 
Highlight/Highlight Palettes:
Holiday Gift Guide
Becca Champagne Pop

A palette like Moonchild is going to be where you get more for your money. There are other palettes, such as the Sweets, Gleam, Sundipped, and That Glow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills that are perfect gifts as well at $40 each.
Becca Highlight powders are among the most popular, Champagne Pop being the most talked about, but there are other shades available. These are in the higher end of the spectrum, in the same price range as the Anastasia palette at $38.
Colourpop Wisp is a cream highlight that dries to a powder finish. There are many shades, as well as colored ones, like the Moonchild palette. These are only $8.
Another option that I don't have pictured are a new release, the Makeup Geek highlight powders. There are regular and duochrome variations, at $20 each or a bundle of three for $48.
Multi-Tasking Palettes
Lorac Palette Pixi Palette
Lorac Cue the Confetti Highlight & Blush Palette

You can never go wrong with something like this because you can pretty much guarantee there's going to be something in it for them. Plus, all of these are gorgeous. 

Another one not pictured is the It Cosmetics Vitality Face Disc. It has a huge Blush, Bronzer and Highlight powder.

Makeup Brushes

It Cosmetics City Chic

No girl can ever have too many makeup brushes. Here I have a couple of brushes from two separate holiday brush sets from IT Cosmetics.

It Cosmetics has the nicest, softest brushes I have ever used and I definitely recommend giving them as Christmas gifts. These gift sets are the way to go, because they're at a huge discount, and the sets both come with five brushes and there are no repeats, so you're getting ten different brushes if you get each set. Or, if you only want one, pick the one you like the most. 

If you're looking for less expensive, Real Techniques usually have sets on sale as well, and I like them too.

Mocktail Mixer Pro Matte Lip Color Set

Lipsticks aren't something I typically recommend buying someone for Christmas, but when they come in a set like this, I don't mind.

These are 3 neutral toned matte lip colors. The colors are on-trend at the moment and the formula is great. This is a set that would be great for any beauty lover and I definitely recommend.

Another set that I don't have pictured and that you'll see again in my stocking stuffers guide is the It Cosmetics Lip set that comes with the Je Ne Sais Quoi Gloss & Lipstick. These both give a light flush to your lips while moisturizing and they're two of my all time favorite products that I can't recommend enough. I included them last year as well.

Holiday Gift Guide

  • Pixi Beauty Fairy Dust Favorites Metallic Warmth
This pigment stack from Pixi Beauty is too gorgeous not to recommend. These shades are perfect for the season and would be a great addition to anyone's collection. 

Okay, some things I forgot:

YSL Lipsticks. I bought one of these two years ago for the packaging. Yes. The packaging. This was before I became totally cruelty free and am I ashamed? Yes. BUT, the packaging. Girls are suckers for that, and those lipsticks are gorgeous. Gifts like that may seem strange, but *most* girls like it.

PERFUME. Let's talk about it. It's scary and it should be. Don't go in there blindly. Don't just buy a perfume you think smells good. Don't do it. There is so much more to it than that. Not only can it potentially smell awful on her because chemistry, BUT, there are so many other reasons why this is a terrible idea. Allergies. Scent sensitivities. Migraine triggers. Different tastes in perfumes. Can't wear perfume at work/school, etc. These are all things that must be considered.
I know there are a million cute perfume gift sets, and that's fine. Do your research. Go check our her perfume collection. Find out what she's actually wearing and go about it that way. Don't waste your money on something she's not going to use.

The same things goes with body sprays, lotions, etc.

Hopefully this was helpful. Check my Black Friday sales post for deals!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I need modern Renaissance palette!! It's been sold out the last few times I've searched Sephora....i'm hoping to take advantage on BF!

  2. This brushes look so luxe! I definitely need to get a set on my Christmas wish list.

  3. I'm not a make up person, but I've heard nothing but good things about the Naked palettes.

  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is on my wishlist this year and I keep reminding the hubby about it. We'll see if it turns up under the tree this year or not!

  5. I still need to try and sell my Naked Basics. I just didn't love it.

  6. I am totally getting myself Moonchild for Christmas.

  7. I adore that Lorac Metal palette!

  8. I so want the Moon Child palette but am not very sure it will work on my medium olive skin tone. Maybe I'll just get it so I can just gaze at it for hours on end lol

  9. SO MANY GREAT THINGS! My Christmas list just grew...!

  10. That Moon Child palette is amazing!!!! I need it so bad!

  11. The naked palettes are amazing and I love the basics one for travel

  12. I think I need that Moon Child palette. Lovely!


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