Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit | Full Review, Swatches & Wear Test

The Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit 1, 2, & 3 were released earlier this fall in batches. I totally missed Fall Edit 1, but they've b...

The Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit 1, 2, & 3 were released earlier this fall in batches. I totally missed Fall Edit 1, but they've been restocked so I may grab a lipstick from that set, I'm not sure yet. I didn't grab anything but lipsticks from these sets as I'm totally out of room for storing these eyeshadows at the moment. I have two drawers exploding with them and I just can't. I technically don't have any room for the lipsticks but how many sacrifices can a girl be expected to make?!
Colourpop Lipsticks
The Fall Edits are Limited Edition, but they have been restocking them so far. I have no idea when they will stop restocking, so if you're in love with any of the colors, you should grab them while you can. I think there are more collections in the Fall Edit still coming, so keep an eye out for that.
Since I totally dropped the ball on the first Fall Edit, we won't talk about it, so let's get into the second.
Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit Swatches
Fall Edit 2 is Terracotta themed. There were 3 lipsticks available, 1 is an Ultra Satin and the other 2 are Ultra Matte. I grabbed the Ultra Satin Calypso and the Ultra Matte Love Bug. The other Ultra Matte available was Mama, but it was a little too orange for me. Calypso is a gorgeous shade, but let's talk about the name real quick. When I purchased it, it was named Gypsy. Mine is actually named Gypsy, and this offended some people, so they renamed it Calypso. 
Colourpop Swatches
Calypso is described as a mid-tone pinky nude. 
Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit Swatches
On me, it's a little more brown with a little more terracotta than pink. 
Love Bug is an Ultra Matte and is described as a rich terracotta.
Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit Love Bug

Love Bug Swatch
I agree, it's a very terracotta, brick red on me.
I wear tested each of these shades for a full day each. 

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Calypso is an Ultra Satin, so it sets but doesn't technically dry. It transfers, but it doesn't smear around. It lasts a full 10 hours and I did eat throughout the day. I needed a minor touch up in the center of my lip and it layered fine. 
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Lovebug is an Ultra Matte and dried very quickly. It did not transfer at all. It lasted 10 hours as well with only needing a minor touch up and lasted through meals. It started flaking around hour 6, but it didn't change the way it looked on my lips.
Fall Edit 3 is Mauve themed. There were 4 lipsticks available and I grabbed them all. Two Ultra Mattes, two Ultra Satins. 
Viper is an Ultra Matte described as a true dusty rose. 
Colourpop Viper Review

Viper Swatches
I am very pale, and it definitely has a dusty rose feel, only a tinge darker due to my skin tone.
Times Square is an Ultra Matte described as a muted pink beige, which I think is pretty spot on.
Colourpop Times Square

Times Square Swatches
Barracuda is an Ultra Satin described as a warm deepened rose. 
Colourpop Baracuda

Colourpop Cosmetics Fall Edit Baracuda
It's a deeper version of Viper on me, and I think the description is fairly accurate. It does show up fairly deep on my skin tone.
Femme is an Ultra Satin described as a muted dirty lilac and that's pretty spot on. 
There's a lot of gray in this color and I love it. 
Colourpop Femme

Colourpop Femme Swatch
It gives me Jeffree Star Scorpio vibes, but I don't have that one to compare. I'm guessing it's similar, though.
I also wear tested each of these for a day.

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Viper lasted for the full 10 hours, but took a little longer to dry and stayed a bit tacky. However, because of the tackiness, it did not dry out my lips. There was no transfer, flaking or cracking. It lasted throughout eating, I needed no touch ups. 

A photo posted by Nikki Ash (@nikmakeupjunkie) on

Times Square lasted 8 hours. It dried quickly and did not transfer, crack or flake. I needed a touch up after eating, and it layered fine. My lips were a little dry after removal, but not too bad.

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Barracuda did transfer but didn't move around. It didn't dry down so it didn't dry out my lips. I needed to touch up after meals, but reapplication was a breeze since the outer edges were still intact.

A photo posted by Nikki Ash (@nikmakeupjunkie) on

Femme also transfers but doesn't move around. It also doesn't dry down so it won't dry out your lips. This color needed touched up a bit more often and seemed to fade a bit quicker than the others, at around the 7 hour mark, which is really still quite a long time for a lipstick that doesn't dry down. It layers perfectly, so it's not a problem.
Overall, these shades are all really nice and it seems like Colourpop has really stepped up their game lately. Their formula seems to have improved and I'm really loving these new shades. Let me know if you have any of these or if you're going to pick any of them up. 
You can find them at!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really love Love Bug on you and Femme - such drastic different looks. :)

  2. When we had people from the UK over here in the US on work assignment they informed us that the g-word is a bad term - used to describe travelers. They have laws prohibiting discrimination against travelers. I learned something new! (made a separate comment in case you didn't want to approve this one)

    1. Interesting! I approved it so others, like me, who didn't know could see this and maybe understand. I wasn't sure what the deal was but that helps!

  3. Gah! Every single one of these is absolutely perfect on you. I wish I could do bold colours so well.

  4. I have Love Bug too. I didn't think I'd like it, but it dries so different.

    1. They changed the formula pretty recently and they're a lot better.

  5. I am so excited to get my hands on Colourpop! They're not readily available where I live so I have to get them shipped from the US :/

  6. Those all look great on you!

  7. I love their Ultra Satin Lips -- great formula!

    1. Yes! I really didn't expect to like it!


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