Joico Hair Shake Texturizer Spray

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, free of charge. All opinions are my own & 100% honest.  As you may know, I...

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review, free of charge. All opinions are my own & 100% honest. 

As you may know, I rarely use styling tools on my hair. I've been working so hard to grow it out and it seems like it's taking forever. Avoiding heat styling is one thing that helps me keep my hair in a healthier state but this can lead to very boring hair.

To combat this, I like to find new texturizing products to use to enhance my natural style and give volume. My hair is very fine and slightly wavy, so without product it tends to be limp and lifeless. In comes Joico Hair Shake to save the day.

Joico Hair Shake is a texturizing spray. It's meant to give volume, texture and absorbs excess oils. It's a unique formula, as it's a flash drying liquid to powder. The mist is extremely fine and there's a stainless steel ball inside the bottle to make mixing the product a breeze.

I've been using this pretty regularly to give myself some volume and texture. I'm pretty obsessed with it, to be honest. It doesn't tangle my hair or make it feel sticky and it washes right out without any issues.

You can find more information here!

I definitely recommend grabbing a bottle to try out!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love hair products! I just got my first texturizing spray! I'm excited to try it! If I love it - I will have to try Joico!

  2. My hair is horribly dry and frizzy after years of sulphate-washing and irons. I've grown it out quite a bit and am donating 17 inches on Monday. I'll be in the market for new tools and products after that - will have to check this one out!

  3. This sounds like something I would love!

  4. Sounds really nice! I will definitely have to try it out.

  5. This sounds awesome! I love texturizer sprays, they do so much!

  6. This sounds great! I love adding texture to my hair - it's almost too soft on itsown!

  7. I need to get on the texture spray train!!! I hear they add great volume.


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