Reviva Labs Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum and Makeup Primer

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.* Today I'm going to review two prod...

*Products mentioned in this post were sent for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.*

Today I'm going to review two products that I've been testing for quite a while, the Reviva Labs Ultra Potency Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum and the Makeup Primer.
Reviva Labs is a cruelty free company that has been around for over 40 years. Their products are sold in professional skin care salons and health food stores worldwide. Despite how widely available they are, they're still a rather small company, which I always encourage supporting. Now onto the review!
Reviva Labs
First, the Reviva Labs Ultra Potency Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum is just that, a serum. I like to apply this at night before I go to bed but it can be applied during the day and worn under makeup. I have done this, it does not disrupt your makeup. 
So what's the point of a Vitamin C serum? They protect your skin from free radicals. Normal Vitamin C serums protect your skin from the free radicals from the sun, but this one contains Emblica which also protects you from free radicals from pollution as well. 
This serum also contains Vitamin E, COQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, oils, and other ingredients to help skin to feel smoother and look younger.
I love that this serum comes in a bottle with a pump. It doesn't allow the products to become exposed to air, which is great because each time Vitamin C is exposed to the air, it loses its potency. This also protects it from light and bacteria.
You can find more info and the full list of ingredients here.
The next product is the Makeup Primer.
This works for any skin type, which is pretty unusual. It gives you the appearance of smooth skin by blurring pores and texture. It controls oil. but it's not drying on my dry skin. It makes your skin look very smooth and feels soft. Foundation glides nicely over it to give you a flawless finish that lasts all day.
It's fragrance free and non comedogenic.
You can find more info and ingredients here.
Overall, I really enjoy both of these products and will continue to use them.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the information! I love the energy of your blog--and your hair and lipstick are perfect on the profile picture. I would love for you to review some of my products one day! ♥ Thanks for doing what you do! xox

  2. The primer sounds like a must-have!! :)

  3. I love this! I love small companies so much!

  4. Sounds like a great product! I love serums for a little extra kick to my skincare.

  5. I didn't know that your skin needs Vitamin C! I learn so much with your blog! :)

  6. I'm just getting into vit C products, I'll have to check it out!

  7. I've never heard of this brand - these products sound lovely!

  8. How's the texture on the primer, is it more like a lotion or a gel? It sounds really lovely!

    1. It's very slippery and silicon-y, if that makes sense, haha.

  9. I need to give that primer a try.


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