IT Cosmetics Tightline Black Mascara Primer

*Products mentioned were sent for review, free of charge. All opinions are my own & 100% honest.* It's safe to say that I was...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, free of charge. All opinions are my own & 100% honest.*

It's safe to say that I was excited about the IT Cosmetics Tightline Black Mascara Primer. If there's one part of my makeup routine that I despise, it's tightlining and I honestly rarely do it because I just hate it so much. Obviously, that made the Tightline Black Mascara Primer from IT Cosmetics even more appealing to me.
Mascara primer review

What does this claim to do?
It claims to be your primer, mascara and eyeliner in one. It places black pigment along your entire lash line to give the look of eyeliner. This gives the illusion that you tight-lined. 
The wand is tiny, which is why it works so well. And yes, it does work. Placing this wand at the base of your lashes and wiggling it really gives the same effect as tight-lining. This is also a great mascara primer to give my lashes more volume. Because of how tiny the wand is, it's also great for the lower lash line.
It doesn't flake, smudge or burn and it dries quickly. It doesn't make your lashes "crunchy" like some mascaras do, so it's easy to apply another mascara over it for a more intense effect.
Left eye is with one coat of this mascara, right is bare lashes.
before and after
mascara results
IT Cosmetics always has wonderful ingredients in their products and this mascara is no exception. The formula includes Peptides, Collagen, Proteins, Biotin, Nettle Extract, Green Tea, Jojoba, and vitamins. In addition, it's paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, fragrance free and cruelty free. It'll work well for those of you with sensitive eyes.
I've used this every day since I received it. I really need a life time supply at this point, because I'm not sure I can make it without it. I'll obviously be repurchasing this over and over again because it saves me from tight-lining and what more could I ask for?
Have you tried this mascara?
You can find more info here.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ooh! I love IT cosmetics! What a great product!

  2. It looks pretty great.

  3. This looks fabulous on you! I need to look into - I had tightlining too!

  4. I love IT cosmetics!!! This looks like an amazing product that needs to be added to my routine!!!

  5. I adore IT Cosmetics. I don't have a problem tight lining, I have it down to a science but I wouldn't mind trying this product. I'll have to add it to my list and give it a go.

    1. I wish I could get the hang out it but I swear, I'm going to lose an eye! I always end up poking myself, haha.

  6. I skive off tightlining, too! This sounds like it makes life much easier!

  7. I want your lashes!!!! Looks like I'm getting this mascara


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