How To Make Your Makeup Last All Night

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means a weekend full of parties. Parties require makeup that's going to last, so here's a few tips on ...

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means a weekend full of parties. Parties require makeup that's going to last, so here's a few tips on getting your makeup to last all night.

  • Use a primer. This is super important, especially for those of you with oily skin! A primer is going to the base of your makeup and without one, it won't last nearly as long.
  • Use a long-wearing or waterproof foundation & concealer. If you want your makeup to last all night, you're going to need a foundation that can hang. The Kat Von D Tattoo Foundation last a long time and is water resistant, so if you're after full coverage, I recommend it.
  • Set your makeup! Even you, dry skinned girls. You don't have to use something heavy, but lightly setting it makes a world of difference.
  • Use a cream blush/contour/highlight after foundation, then apply the powder blush/contour/highlight after powdering. Using the cream version and setting it with the powder version will help it to last longer and it's less likely to fade.
  • Use an eye primer! Even if you don't normally prime your lids, do it! Not only will it keep your shadows from moving and fading, it will help them to apply more intensely and blend more easily.
  • Wear waterproof eyeliner/mascara. This is obvious, but if you want your eyeliner and mascara to last all night without moving around, waterproof is always best.
  • Set your eyeliner. Another trick to keep the eyeliner on is to set it. You can even set it on your waterline. It makes a huge difference.
  • Use a lip liner. Lip liners are longer wearing than lipsticks, so wearing both helps you to get more wear time. 
  • Use a setting spray. I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, but any setting spray will work. It acts as hair spray for your face. If you don't have setting spray, a light hold hair spray will work. Seriously. I just don't recommend doing it often.
A few additional tips:
  • A day/night where you need your makeup to stay flawless for as long as possible is NOT the time to try new makeup.
  • Stop touching your face. You know you do it. It breaks down your makeup. Stop.
  • If you are sick/have allergies/etc. don't wear foundation that is too dark for you. You're going to look really silly when it wipes off of your nose.
  • If you self-tanned your body, self tan your face. This is in reference to the tip above, but seriously. When you sweat, touch your face and blow your nose, the too dark foundation is going to come off and you're going to have pale splotches. Awkward.
Those are my tips for keeping your makeup on all night!

I hope this is helpful!
What are your tips for making your makeup last?

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