Fall Beauty and Fashion Trends 2015

I'm not one to really follow trends, and I don't think you should have to adhere to what is trendy, but sometimes they're fun, ...

I'm not one to really follow trends, and I don't think you should have to adhere to what is trendy, but sometimes they're fun, so I wanted to share some of this years fall fashion and beauty trends with you.
Let's start with 
  • Strobing rather than contouring. It's currently trendy to highlight, rather than contour. This can be achieved by using a highlight on the tops of the cheekbones, cupids bow, above brows, and anywhere else you'd like to highlight. A cream formula works best for this; I recommend IT Cosmetics Hello Light Anti-Aging Creme Illuminizer. (Swatches).
  • Undone, full brows. Harsh brows are out and so are thin brows. Now it's all about thick, barely tamed brows. As far as brows go, I'm a huge fan of just using brow mascara because I have relatively thick brows as is, but this trend isn't for everyone. You know what looks best.
  • Red Lips/Vampy Lips/Purple Lips: Red, berry and vampy lip colors are pretty much a given every fall, but this year taupe and purple shades are on trend as well. Here are some of my tips on how to apply bold lip colors.
  • Lighter, metallic eyeshadows. I'm a huge fan of dark smoky eyes during the fall/winter, or at the very least a heavy winged liner, but that's not actually what's on trend for this year. This year it's lighter metallic, shimmery colors. For this I recommend the Makeup Geek Foiled eyeshadows. They have the most gorgeous metallic sheen.
  • Smudgy Eyeliner. Even though smoky eyes are technically out(says who?!), smudged, undone liner is in. Weird, right?
  • Graphic Eyeliner. Another unexpected trend. I love the look of a double wing. 
  • Nude nails. Nude nail colors are everywhere right now.

  • Messy Buns. Good news girls, messy buns are going nowhere! Gotta love it.
  • Warm hair colors. Warm tones are in for the fall, from caramel blondes to auburns. 
  • Cool toned pastels. Who would have thought pastels would be trendy for fall? This year they are, but the cool toned versions, such as icy blues, cool lavenders and grey/silver. 
  • Long hair is out and bobs are in! Everyone is chopping off their hair because it's trendy for fall. I'll keep mine long!

  • Capes. Capes are in, so if you're into that you can be trendy! I'll pass.
  • Trench coats. Really, when are they not in?
  • Leather jackets. Again, leather jackets are always trendy and for good reason.
  • Gray tones. It seems that cool tones & jewel tones are in for fall.
  • Flare leg pants. They're baaaccckkk. I'll pass. I've adapted to skinny jeans and I won't abandon them now!
  • Turtle necks. I see them everywhere I go. I've hated them since I was a child and I won't give in now!
  • Chunky Sweaters. Typical. These never go out of style.
  • Cascade Sweaters/Cardigans. These are really trendy this year and really cute! Plus they're super flattering.
  • Boots. Of course. Boots are always trendy, and cute.
So, that's some of the trends I've come across. These are just some things that I've been seeing absolutely everywhere I go. I'm not a fan of following trends or only wearing things that are trendy, but sometimes it's fun to incorporate some trendy things into your look.

I hope this was interesting!
Thanks for reading!

What are you favorite fall trends this year?

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