Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

*The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions were sent to me for review, free of charge. I am not being compensated for this review, and all opin...

*The Irresistible Me Hair Extensions were sent to me for review, free of charge. I am not being compensated for this review, and all opinions are my own & 100% honest as always.*
I've been a wearer of clip in hair extensions for years. I've always loved the look of long hair, but I've been too lazy to want to deal with the responsibility of long hair. I've been growing my hair out for quite some time, and while it's getting long, it's not as long or as thick as I'd like. So, clip in hair extensions is the obvious solution.
I'm a fan of clip in extensions over sew in, glue in, etc., because I don't like commitment. "Permanent" extensions are a commitment that I'm not willing to make. I like being able to clip in extensions if I want particularly long hair for the day, and then take them out at the end of the night. 
It's quick, it's easy and as I mentioned, no real commitment.
And really, no commitment. I've taken mine out in the car before. Some days you're just over it before you make it home; good luck doing that with the other types of extensions.
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
So, the most recent brand of extensions I've been wearing are Irresistible Me. 
The type that I have are the Silky Touch Clip Ins in Platinum Blonde. 
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
They're 20" long and I chose the one that's 200 grams of hair, which is quite a bit. 
You can find them here.
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
They're also 100% remy human hair, which means you can wash them, style them, dye them and they'll be fine, within reason obviously. Don't bleach them, just don't. Obviously you CAN bleach them, but just like real hair, it will do irreversible damage and it's not worth it.
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
This comes with one 4 clip weft, two 3 clip wefts, five 2 clip wefts and two 1 clip wefts. Having some many of the two clip wefts makes it really easy to put in for beginners, and even easier to blend.
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
I really love how easy these extensions are to clip in and how well they blend with my natural hair. They add the perfect amount of length for my preference, but if you prefer even longer hair you can get them in 22" or 24", they come shorter as well, and the color range is pretty nice. 
Overall, I'm really enjoying these extensions. They blend well and the clips are strong so they don't slide out of my hair. I'm going to be wearing these pretty often, so let me know if you'd like to see a post about how to blend/style them!
Do you wear clip in extensions, or do you prefer permanent ones?
Again, here's the extensions I'm wearing!
Thanks for reading!

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