Nyx Cosmetics: Brand Spotlight

I've done a Brand Spotlight on NARS in the past, essentially I just show you what products I have from the brand and let you know what...

I've done a Brand Spotlight on NARS in the past, essentially I just show you what products I have from the brand and let you know what I think overall. 

So, Nyx Cosmetics is a drugstore brand that is cruelty free. They have a huge range of products available. Considering how many products they have in their range, I really don't have many, but let's go!

Nyx Makeup
 This is just some of what I own of each type of product.
Nyx Makeup
 For the face I have:
  • HD Concealer: In my opinion, the best under eye/highlighting concealer at the drugstore. It's under $6.
  • Baked Blush: These are pigmented and glowy but not glittery. Very nice and also around $6. (review)
  • Brow Powder: Inexpensive and gets the job done.
  • Tinted Brow Mascara: Does a pretty good job of holding your brows in place while giving a tint of color.
  • Eyebrow Gel: This is essentially a brow pomade in a tube. Very easy to use, very pigmented.

Nyx Makeup
  • Single Eyeshadows: These tend to be a hit or miss, but the good ones are REALLY good. In my experience, there are many more good shades than duds. Definitely worth checking out, but in all honesty, if you're on a budget and want to buy single shadows, I recommend Makeup Geek.
  • Glide On Eye Liners: These are eye pencils, similar to the Urban Decay 24/7. They're smooth, pigmented and stay put, and the color range is pretty good. Also, they're less than half the price of the UD 24/7 pencils.
I forgot to take a picture of only the lip products, apparently, so we'll just discuss what I have.
  • Round Lipsticks: These are also a hit or miss. I have a couple that I love, but I prefer Maybelline Lipsticks to these.
  • Butter Lipsticks: I only own one of these, but I do like it. The pigmentation is good, it applies smoothly and they are hydrating.
  • Lip Liners: I have the retractable type and the pencil type and both are pretty good. They aren't the longest lasting, but they do keep your lipsticks from bleeding and they're creamy. 
  • Soft Matte Lip Cream: I own 9 or 10 of these to be honest. They're exactly what the title says, soft, matte and creamy. Some of these dry down, others don't but none are waterproof or long-wearing. If I'm not eating or drinking they'll last around 6 hours, but if I eat or drink, they're gone! Color selection is nice & I really like them but if you want a long-wearing, matte liquid lipstick, I recommend Colourpop or Kat Von D. (review)
  • Butter Lip Glosses: These are one of my favorite lip gloss formulas. They aren't the longest lasting, but they also aren't sticky, they smell good and they're decently pigmented.
So, that's it for my NYX Cosmetics brand spotlight!
I hope you liked this post!

I do plan to pick up and try more Nyx products soon, if there's anything specific you'd like to see me review, leave it in the comments below!

What products from Nyx do you own?

Thanks for reading!

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