NARS Light Reflecting Translucent Setting Powder Review

The NARS Light Reflecting Translucent Setting Power is something I've been waiting to review for a while now. It's something that I...

The NARS Light Reflecting Translucent Setting Power is something I've been waiting to review for a while now. It's something that I felt was a splurge, and I wanted to be 100% sure of myself before reviewing this. 

After using this for the past 6 weeks, I feel like I can truly tell you all of the positives & negatives of this powder.

Let's start with what it is:
*According to the description it is a weightless, translucent powder for all skin tones that creates a soft matte finish that looks luminous in any light.

It has the typical NARS packaging, black & rubberized that attracts dirt like no other. It comes with a sponge and a little bag to keep the compact in, I assume to attempt to keep the packaging clean. 

The powder itself is so unique compared to every setting powder I've ever felt. When you swatch it, it almost feels wet, but it's not. It's so light and just gives you a glow-y but kind of matte finish to your skin. It's hard to explain, but it's gorgeous. If you've never swatched this powder before, do it! Go to Sephora & just swatch it.

Here's the list of claims:
  • extends makeup wear
  • enhances the look of foundation without color
  • diffuses light
  • undetectable
  • blurs pores, wrinkles and fine lines
  • absorbs oil but is non-drying
Does it actually do all of these things?

Yes, actually.

It definitely extends my makeup wear and is completely undetectable on the skin. It blurs my pores pretty well, I mean it's not working miracles but it makes a visible difference. 

The part you've probably been looking for. Are there are negatives to this powder?

Aside from the perpetually dirty packaging, there's one downside.

I've read reviews before buying this powder & they were mixed. Different people had different experiences with the texture of the powder, as some of them seem like they're so pressed that you can't get the product onto your brush or sponge. Mine is like this, and I actually have to use a synthetic brush with rougher bristles to knock the product up so I can use it and it's really inconvenient. I just didn't want to return it because I assumed I'd probably get another that's the same way. The one I swatched was NOT like this, so it's not all of them.
That's the one down side.

Despite that issue, I love this powder and I'll most likely repurchase it eventually. There are a few others I want to try as well, so it'll probably be after those. The point is, I love it enough to repurchase it. It's my favorite of all the setting powders I've ever used.

You can find the Nars Light Reflecting Translucent Setting Powder at Sephora.

Thanks for reading!

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