How I Got Ripped Off By Glambot

Recently I had a ton of makeup to sell. There are many things I've purchased in the past that just didn't work for me or that I...

Recently I had a ton of makeup to sell. There are many things I've purchased in the past that just didn't work for me or that I just wasn't using, so I decided to destash. I packed up a large box with around 50 mid-range/high end items. Mostly Urban Decay, MAC, Lime Crime and The Balm, but there was other brands as well. Keep in mind, most of these products were either never used at all or only used 1-2 times at the most.

The reason I packed this all into a box is because I had decided to sell my makeup to Glambot.
They have a specific list of brands they'll except, the condition it must be in & how you must package everything. I read over the guidelines many times before sending in some things.

In case you aren't aware, Glam Bot is a website that buys makeup from people and re-sells the makeup on their site for a very minimal discount. Some of the products they're selling are barely discounted at all, but that's not my complaint as I'm not buying from them. However, realize that buying from them is insane unless you have a large discount code or you're after something LE that they happen to have that is impossible to find. Their prices are unfair and totally ridiculous. It's literally almost retail cost.

I sent in this huge box full of makeup and waited. I waited for over a month before I got a response, and when I finally got an offer, it was for $95.00. $95.00?! I was beyond mad, but at this point I was stuck. I desperately needed the money and I was out of time because we were moving soon so I didn't have the time or money to have them ship it back to me because you have to pay the return shipping. 

Just for reference, I'll list some specific items I sent in.

MAC Prolongwear Concealer, MAC MSF Natural, Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked, The Balm Balm Jovi Palette, The Balm Balm Voyage Palette, UD Anarchy Face Case, UD Dangerous Palette Vol 1 & Vol 2, MAC Painterly Paint Pot, a couple of unused Too Faced La Creme lipsticks, OCC Creme Concentrates and a ton of other things.

I just cannot explain how ripped off I feel. That's why I'm sharing this with anyone and everyone who will take the time to read it. DO NOT SELL TO GLAMBOT. They give good prices to girls with a large following on Youtube and rip off everyone else.  Just don't sell to them. Ever. It's like a huge scam. Just don't do it. Okay? Just say no.

Please share this & thank you for reading!

Do you have any experience with Glambot?

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  1. Thank-you for this info. I meant to sign up with Glambot. MUAB was another site I was about to sign up with, but read a lot of rants from sellers who weren't getting paid for their sales. Thank-you and thank-you again.


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