Naked Palette Smackdown

I now own all 3 of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, so I thought it was time to do a comparison of the three and in doing so, I'll attem...

I now own all 3 of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, so I thought it was time to do a comparison of the three and in doing so, I'll attempt to choose my favorite.
Naked palette comparison

The first thing I want to talk about is the packaging. The original Naked Palette was in a cardboard case with a "velvet" overlay. The second and third Naked palettes were both in tin cases, one is a silver-y taupe shade, the other is rose gold. I've mentioned this before, I loved the original Naked palettes packaging. Yes, it gets dirty and mine is literally covered in chinchilla fur because they're shedding, but it just looked and felt SO nice. The tin cases feel cheap to me and mine don't close properly which will eventually result in them splitting down the back. These do snap close which is nice, but I still prefer the original packaging. 
naked palette comparison
These palettes differ in colors and undertones. The Naked palette and Naked two have a shade repeat with Half Baked. There are no repeats anywhere else.
The original Naked palette is a warm toned palette including two matte shades. The majority of the shades were a gold/bronze based color.
The Naked 2 palette is referred to as the cool-toned palette, but I feel like there are a few warm tones as well, though the majority is cool. This also has two matte shades as well as a pretty decent black.
The Naked 3 is a warm/pink toned palette. This has two matte shades and pretty much every shade in this palette has a pink or rose gold tone to it.

I'll be posting swatches of each palette below for comparison sake. That way you can get a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about in the colors category and formula.

We will start with the original.
naked palette

naked palette swatches

Next is the Naked 2:
Naked 2 palette

Naked 2 palette swatches

And last, Naked 3:
Naked 3 palette

Naked 3 palette swatches

The Naked palette has a nice formula for the majority of the shades. However, my favorite color in the palette (Sidecar) has horrible fall out and pigmentation. The other colors are nice and for the most part are blendable and hold their own. A small combination of colors will blend into each other if you're not careful, but that's easily avoided.
The Naked 2 palette has a pretty nice formula overall. All of the colors are very pigmented and blendable. Blackout can be a bit finicky, but it just needs built up a little. These do blend into one muddy shade if you aren't careful as a lot of them have a similar taupe-y undertone.
The Naked 3 palette is similar to the Naked 2 in most ways. The colors are similar so they can tend to blend together into one uniform shade. Trick and Dust don't have the greatest pigmentation, and Dust is very glittery, leading to almost no pigmentation and a ton of glitter fall out. This seems to be the lightest and most natural palette on my current complexion.

How well will these work for travel? Can you get away with only taking a Naked palette?

I've traveled with only the original Naked palette many times before. It has a nice range of colors that work for light, simple looks to deep smokey looks and everything in between. The packaging is great and sturdy, and I think it's a definite yes!

The Naked 2 palette could also be a travel palette. There are a couple of crease shades, highlight shades and even a matte black, This would be great for light looks or smokey looks. I haven't traveled with this one yet, but I think it's possible.

The Naked 3 palette is the only one I'd hesitate on taking alone. Yes it has an okay highlight, a couple of crease colors, mid range shades and deeper colors, but the way this one tends to just blend into one shade forces me to hesitate on bringing it on it's own. I feel like while possible, it would be ideal.

I honestly don't know. I love them all for different reasons. I love the original for how well-rounded it is. I love the Naked 2 for the beautiful shades and versatility. I love the Naked 3 because of the pink undertones and rose gold shades. If I could only have one, I'd stick with the original. The Naked palette is the most well-rounded and seems to be the most versatile and travel friendly, not to mention it's in my favorite packaging and contains my all-time favorite highlight Virgin. 
Upon writing this comparison it occurred to me that I had never written an initial review of the original Naked palette or posted the swatches, so I had to actually do the swatches today as I lost the original pictures when my laptop died last year, so that happened. 
Anyway, this is it for the comparison. Do you need all three? No, not at all. But I do enjoy having all three. They work beautifully together as well and I really do love them all!
Which is your favorite or are you like me and you need them all?
Thanks for reading!

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