Makeup Geek Pigments & Shadows Review

I've been on a makeup buying kick for quite some time, and there's no end in sight. As long as makeup companies are releasing makeu...

I've been on a makeup buying kick for quite some time, and there's no end in sight. As long as makeup companies are releasing makeup, I'm there to buy it. Maybe I'm a crazy woman, but I just can't say no to new makeup and that's how this happened.
Makeup Geek Review & swatches
This is obviously not my first Makeup Geek haul, we all know I'm Makeup Geek obsessed. My Z palette is now full, if that tells you anything. The next time I purchase more Makeup Geek shadows, I'll have to buy another Z palette, and I can pretty much guarantee that will be soon as Marlena has been showing sneak peeks of upcoming shadows. 
I've been holding out on buying pigments. I have the New Years Eve pigment, and I've had it for a while now. It's a beautiful color, but it's pretty sheer and despite loving the color, I've kind of shied away from pigments because they tend to be messy. The only pigment I ever use is MAC Rose pigment, until now.
I purchased the Makeup Geek Utopia pigment as well as Insomnia. Let's just say that I'm officially in love with them and I cannot wait to wear them.
Makeup Geek pigment
Utopia is a duo-chrome pigment of brown and antique gold. This is going to be awesome for smokey eyes or just something you put on by itself.
Insomnia is chocolate brown with a teal duo-chrome. It's probably the most beautiful pigment I've ever seen and I instantly fell in love with it. This is going to be amazing for nights out, or even a daytime look for those of us who are as brave(or insane!) as I am.
makeup geek pigments
Aside from the pigments, I added two more eyeshadows to my collection.
Prom Night is purple-y, & taupe-y, with a gray undertone. That's a lot of -ys. I'm horrible at descriptions, but this color is so unique and I love it. It's also really pigmented and smooth.
Mocha is the other color I purchased. It's a more basic shade, it's just a deep, matte warm brown. I needed one, and this one looked nice so I picked it up. This is another nicely pigmented shade and it also applies smoothly.
makeup geek

makeup geek swatches

makeup geek swatches
From left to right:
Prom Night, Mocha, Utopia, Insomnia

You're aware that I love all things Makeup Geek. I've still never purchased any of the blushes, and I need to. I'm just not a huge fan of blush, and I'm so picky. I own about 8 and yet only have a range of about 3 shades. I just stick to what I know.
I'm not so patiently awaited the release of more Makeup Geek eyeshadows so I can purchase another Z palette to fill up.
As you can tell, it's getting a little full in my little lavender z-palette.
Makeup Geek eyeshadow collection
You can find the eyeshadow pans for $5.99 and the pigments are $6.99 at They're so affordable(and cruelty-free!), how can you say no?!
Thanks for reading!

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