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I decided to post my top 5 Mascaras today. You may notice there are only 4 in the picture. I can count, I'm not insane. There is ...

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I decided to post my top 5 Mascaras today.
You may notice there are only 4 in the picture. I can count, I'm not insane. There is a reason for this.
The fifth mascara would be L'oreal Carbon Black Mascara, so that's what we will start with.
L'oreal Carbon Black Mascara, the one in the black and gold tube is really awesome. It's definitely my favorite drugstore mascara, by far. It's volumizing, lengthening and seriously black. It's separating and just looks awesome. I don't have it right now because it's been sold out at my Wal Mart for ever. It retails for about $7.
Let's do the second drugstore mascara:
Maybelline Volume Express Mega Plush Mascara : This is a great mascara for those natural days where you don't want huge, dramatic eyelashes. It's lengthening, gives a little volume, it's pretty black but it does such an amazing job of separating your lashes. I also love that your lashes stay soft after you apply it. Love it. It's about $6.
Let's move on to Urban Decay.
Urban Decay Perversion mascara : This is a newer one for me and one that I quickly fell in love with. It's seriously the blackest mascara I've ever used. It's super pigmented, volumizing and lengthening. I feel like I'm using the same descriptive words over and over but they are all mascaras after all. It doesn't flake and doesn't clump, which makes it a winner. 
It's around $22.
Benefit They're Real Mascara : If you've been around for a while you know I love this stuff. It's super volumizing, lengthening and separating. It gives nice definition and kind of helps you to get a more "cat eye" effect with the way the brush is made. It will clump if you aren't careful and it takes a bit longer to dry, but it's SO good. The downside? It's damn near impossible to remove. It's around $23 also.
Too Faced Better than Sex mascara: This is the newest and my favorite. I've loved it from the first time I used it. The brush is amazing. It's a strange curvy shape that somehow just works. The brush is my favorite I've ever used. The mascara is black, lengthening, separating, volumizing, all of the good descriptive mascara words! It's perfect for dramatic looks and I don't feel like I need false lashes with this mascara. It's my all time favorite and one I'll repurchase over and over. It's also around $22.
So, that's my top 5! I know $20+ seems like too much for a mascara, but really think about it. This is something that lasts 3-6 months, so that's essentially ~$6.50-$3.50 a month. I'm not telling you to that you have to rush out and buy them, if you're happy with your drugstore mascara, that's awesome! I'm just letting you know the ones I love. Also, if you're a drugstore makeup lover, try the two I recommended, they're truly the best of the best.
And, that's it! I hope you like this post!
Let me know what mascaras you love.

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