NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

I've tried out a couple of different foundations lately. I've been looking for a new foundation for a little while now, and I decid...

I've tried out a couple of different foundations lately. I've been looking for a new foundation for a little while now, and I decided to try a couple of higher end foundations. I've tried the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, and I'll review it later but here's my review of the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.
Nars Sheer Glow
I purchased this for $42 at Sephora. I'm the same color as paper, so I chose the lightest shade, Siberia
It's in a glass bottle with a screw on cap; no pump. That's its biggest downside and honestly, for a foundation this pricey a pump should be a must.
Nars Sheer Glow
I heard this was a good foundation for dry skin, and I'm torn on that statement.

If I'm freshly exfoliated and heavily moisturized & primed, I can wear this foundation and it looks great. It has medium coverage, it's blendable and it's just beautiful.

I recommend using a beauty blender or a foundation brush for this foundation, the foundation brush takes a little more effort though; this foundation tends to be streaky if you aren't careful. I don't like applying it with my hands, it just stays streaky.

However, if I haven't moisturized my face that day as well as right before I put on my foundation, it looks horrible. It gets patchy, sinks into my pores and makes my dry spots stand out. It looks completely horrible.

I do have extremely dry skin and the seasons changing isn't making that any better. I have to use a heavy moisturizer in the morning and at night, and a lighter one before applying makeup. My skin is really terribly dry and I have issues with my pores whether I'm dried out or not.
This foundation is a perfect match for me, which was surprising because the shade selection isn't the largest. 

So what do I think about this foundation? The color is beautiful, the coverage is perfect for me, it's so soft and blendable, it's not cakey and it looks really good, if my skin is behaving.
If you have extremely dry skin, make sure you take the right steps to prep your skin for the foundation. If you have slightly dry or normal skin, you'll most likely love this foundation.

I love it. The only things I don't love are the $42 price tag and lack of pump. 
If you don't mind paying $42 for a foundation, I recommend giving it a shot. 
You can find it at
Thanks for reading!
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** I would like to add that after continuing to try this foundation different way, it applies wonderfully with my Real Techniques sponge as long as I'm moisturized and primed. My skin is dehydrated, so when I do get dry spots, it is because of my skin, not the foundation. This has quickly taken the spot at my HG foundation.**

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