NARS Domination Cheek Palette Review

It's officially October, which means fall weather is here and Halloween is on the way. Two things I am very excited for. This has b...

It's officially October, which means fall weather is here and Halloween is on the way. Two things I am very excited for.
This has been an odd and difficult week for me.
My cat was sick all weekend, and on Monday he was crying, clinging to me and refusing to eat, so I had to take him to the vet.
They did blood work and xrays and determined he had some type of bacterial infection.
They kept him and had him hospitalized; he was hooked up to an IV and given antibiotic and anti-nausea shots. They finally got him to eat on Tuesday, and continued his medicine, but he refused to use the bathroom, so they had to give him a kitty laxative. 
They kept him Tuesday night for observation and he was supposed to come home this morning.
This morning his temperature spiked back to 104, so they had to give him a stronger antibiotic, so they're keeping him again tonight on fluids and hopefully tomorrow he can come home.
Friday he goes back for bloodwork, but he shouldn't have to stay.
So, this week has been hard because he's been sick, I've been worried and vet bills are hella expensive. Goodbye life savings. :(
I got a new laptop yesterday, and my camera miraculously started working, so I guess it likes this computer. Windows 8 is a struggle and I hate it. I want Windows 7 back!
I'm buying a new camera in November, so that's pretty exciting. Also, I got a ton, and I mean a ton of things this week. Makeup, fashion, new hair color, etc. And I can't wait to share it with you! But, one thing at a time.
So, today's post is about the NARS Domination Cheek Palette.
NARS palette

I received a message from NARS thanking me for being a loyal NARSissist and asking for my address so they could send a thank you gift.
I was so excited & so appreciative, and really, how many companies do things like that?!
So, of course I gave it to them, and then a little over a week later I received the NARS Domination Cheek palette in the mail.
NARS Palette
It includes 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlight shade.
Nars Palette
The four shades are:
  • Orgasm - peach with gold shimmer blush
  • Laguna - Bronzer with gold shimmer
  • Mistinguette - Matte Pink Blush
  • Devotee - frosty pink highlight
Nars Domination Palette
All of these shades are beautiful and Devotee is a beautiful highlight, especially on pale skin.
This palette is still available right now and retails for $49.
I love it and I've been using it quite a bit.
I had swatches of it, but apparently my camera deleted them. Oops!
Anyway, I just wanted to share this palette with you guys & give you a quick update on what's been going on! So, if you read all of that, thanks!
Thank you, NARS
Thanks for reading!

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