Confidence: Why it's Important

Let's talk about confidence.  Today's post is sponsored by U by Kotex. Confidence is essential.  Everyone should feel conf...

Let's talk about confidence. 
Today's post is sponsored by U by Kotex.
Confidence is essential.
 Everyone should feel confident in who they are, without question. Doing this is typically easier said than done. We all have bad days, and we have good days. I have a few bad days every month, typically all in one week. 
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A common issue is we only pay attention to our flaws. We let our flaws bring us down rather than focusing on what we like about ourselves. And, let's not forget our "flaws" are what sets us apart from other people. 
The next time you look in the mirror, focus on something you like about yourself. Tell yourself just how awesome you are. The next time you go out, think about the things you liked. Keep telling yourself how amazing you are. You will exude confidence. Even that time of the month! :)
No matter what you've been told, confidence is important.
Others can tell when you are confident, and they can tell when you're not. Appearing to be not so confident is often looked at as a weakness. Confidence can help you land a new job, nail an interview or give a great presentation. When you're feeling less confident and are lacking self esteem, you are sometimes viewed as lacking self worth, and that sounds terrible, but that's how the world views that. Survival of the fittest and all that.
My best advice to you is to keep your head up, stop caring about what anyone else thinks, dress in a way that makes you confident. Your makeup, hair, clothes, everything should be things that make you feel good about yourself. I know it's hard to not care what others think about you, but if you remain confident, no one is going to question it.
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