Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 13

It's Weight Loss Wednesday! I skipped last week because I honestly forgot about it, but not much had changed. Here's a ...

It's Weight Loss Wednesday!
I skipped last week because I honestly forgot about it, but not much had changed.

Here's a quick update!
I haven't lost any weight in the last two weeks, at least according to my scale.
But, I am definitely smaller. I can fit (comfortably!) into smaller clothes, and I'm close to being able to wear the clothes that I bought that are 3 sizes smaller than what I was wearing when I started.
Definitely ignore the scale and pay attention to how you look and feel. Muscle outweighs fat and takes up less space!

Not to gross anyone out, but let me show you.
5 pounds of fat vs. 5 pounds of muscle:
*I copied this image from google images and I own no rights to it!*
See what I mean?
That being said, I don't feel so bad about losing no weight according to the scale.

I have changed a couple of things as of late.

I no longer drink tea.
I've had half a bottle in the last week.
I've been drinking nothing other than water with lemon in it, about 3-4 bottles per day, and I'm trying to up that even more.

I'm still eating pretty healthy, or at least trying to. For the most part, it's going well. I'm sticking to around 1500 calories per day, up from 1200.

I'm doing cardio 4-5x per week and still weight training 3x per week.
This is where the majority of the difference has come from, I believe.
I'm building more muscle and endurance, I'm finally into cardio, which is great for burning fat.

This is something I haven't mentioned before, but lately I've been using my Xbox One's Fitness App to work out. They have a ton of different work outs on it and it will let you know if you have bad form, are moving incorrectly, etc. It keeps track of your movement, your heart rate, body temp and keeps track of how many calories you're burning. It also shows you what muscles you're using, which is awesome.

If you have an Xbox One, I totally recommend trying out the Fitness App, it's really great and a lot of fun. It even keeps track of your progress and for right now, it's free to use!

Overall, I'm definitely happy with the progress that I have made. I feel healthier, I'm starting to look better and feel better. I love working out again, and I actually look forward to it.

I'm having an issue now with certain foods. If I eat something unhealthy or anything with sugar, I seem to get a really bad migraine now, which is definitely keeping me from eating these things, but does anyone know what causes it? Is it only because I'm used to eating healthier now?

Thanks for reading!
If you're trying to lose weight, get fit, tone up, whatever, how is your progress?

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