Weight Loss Wednesday #10

It's Weight Loss Wednesday! I'm trying to keep the numbers consistent; I honestly think it's week 12 or something, but as I h...

It's Weight Loss Wednesday!
I'm trying to keep the numbers consistent; I honestly think it's week 12 or something, but as I haven't been posting the last couple of weeks, I've lost track. I could go back and count, but then I don't want to, so let's pretend it's week 10, okay?

Fitness Weight Loss Healthy Motivation Inspiration Work Out

That's the most inspirational thing I could think of to post. 
I love it & it keeps me motivated.

For those of us who started at the same time, we're about 3 months in. Some may have given up, some may still be hanging by a thread, some (like me) may have been back and forth with it, but no matter what stage you're in or if you're 100% committed, stick with it. Keep pushing. :)

Fitness Weight Loss Healthy Motivation Inspiration Work Out

Always remember why you started. When you're struggling, think of why you started. When you think of giving up, think of why you started. Before you destroy everything you've worked for, remember why you started. It's important, and it will help.

Fitness Weight Loss Healthy Motivation Inspiration Work Out

At some point, you're probably go to plateau. It's something you have to work through and sometimes it takes time. But, if you stop and forget what you're working toward you will have to start over. So, don't stop. Make it a lifestyle change, rather than a temporary fix. 

There will come a point where you're going to get frustrated, unmotivated, tired, annoyed, and you'll just want to give up. Take it from someone who has been through this cycle over and over for 7 years, don't. When you think of giving up, think of where you could be if you continue. If you've given up in the past, think of where you could be now if you hadn't given up then. This doesn't just apply to weight loss and fitness, this applies to everything

These are the things I'm trying to remember as I work toward my fitness goals *and* as I work toward getting back into and finishing school. That's something I've never talked about on here before, but I'll do that now. 
I've been in and out of college since 2005. I've changed my major at least 5 times, and I have a ton of credits. I could never decide what I wanted to do, and the last time I was in college I messed up. The first semester was fine, the second I failed a class because I was lazy. For failing a class, my financial aid was taken away. I had to fill out an appeal to get it back, and it was approved. I went back the next semester and failed another class, but this time it was because I genuinely did not understand and my teacher was, for lack of a better term, an egotistical, elitist shithead. What he essentially said to us was, if we were confused or did not understand, not to come back because we were too stupid to be there. 90% of the class failed, but I lost my financial aid again, and this time permanently. 

So, I'm heading back to college two years later. This time, I know what I want to do. I have a year left of school to finish, and I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. 

This is where what I previously said comes in. Consider where I could be if I had finished school the first time. I started in 2005 for Photography. It was a 5-6 year program, but I'd definitely be finished and doing something that I love, where as now I'm making barely enough to pay the car payment(seriously!) working in a tanning salon, and I've reached that point where I'm just tired, fed up and sick of working there for more reasons than I can count, but there's nothing I can do because there's literally no where else to work in this sad little town, so I'm stuck working evenings and weekends until I can find something better or finish school.

This took a negative turn, so let's look at the positive.

I'm reapplying for school & my husband is going to help me pay for it.
I'll be finished with a degree (associates) in about a year, and I'll be able to (hopefully!) work from home at that point as a Web Designer.

So, now that this is insanely long and way off topic, let's get back to the weight loss post, shall we?

I had the flu, which caused me to drop around 10 pounds.
Since feeling better I have been eating better and working out everyday.
So, I'm officially 14 pounds down over the last two weeks.

I've eaten nothing but healthy food & I've drank nothing but water.
I'm rarely hungry and struggling to eat 1200 calories a day, so I'm trying to make myself eat enough.

I'm back down a size & I feel a lot better.
How have you been doing?

Thanks for reading!
Let me know how you've been doing if you're also trying to lose weight.
Leave any healthy recipes if you don't mind! I'm always looking for something new to try!

*All of the pictures in this post were taken from pinterest. Most are watermarked with the original source. I have no rights to these pictures as they are not mine.*

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