Dirty Looks HK Hair Extensions Review

Everyone knows how much I love hair extensions. Even though I just cut all of my hair into a bob a few months ago, I couldn't live wit...

Everyone knows how much I love hair extensions. Even though I just cut all of my hair into a bob a few months ago, I couldn't live without my long hair. I can't help myself, it's just SO pretty. 
Since I recently went blonde, I got new hair extensions.
The set of extensions I got are from Dirty Looks, and they are the HK Full Head extensions*. 
I got them in the shade "California Highlighted" and in the length 20-22".
These are 180 grams.
*These were sent to me, free of charge for review. As always, my opinion is 100% honest!*

Dirty looks California Highlighted

How cute is that box?! Anyway...
Let me tell you a little about them.
The HK Full Head Hair Extensions* come in a range of 150-180g. Mine are 180g.
They come with 10 wefts, and the wefts are numbered for you. A chart is also included showing you how to put them in, so that's awesome for beginners.
The wefts are:
1x 4 clip weft. The 4 clip weft is a quad weft, which gives a TON of volume.
5x 2 clip wefts
2x 3 clip wefts
2x 1 clip weft.
There is also a little baggie of extra clips in the box, in case you need to replace one at some point.
Also, this hair is Remy Human Hair, meaning you can use heat to style it, just take care of it.
It's hair, so treat it like your own. Use a heat protector on it and keep them brushed out to avoid tangles. You can wash, style and dye them, but rather than dyeing them, you should try to color match.
So, when you first open your box, it will look something like this:
Dirty looks California Highlighted
Dirty looks hair extensions hk review remy hair California Highlighted
As you can see, there are two sections to this zip lock bag. In the section that is currently empty on mine, there is a 2 clip weft that you can use to test the color. As long as that is all you open, you can exchange your extensions.
Dirty looks hair extensions
This is the extensions when you take them out of the baggie. They're very long, thick and shiny.
Dirty looks hair extensions
 I wanted to show a close up of the clip. The clips are nice and very secure. No teasing necessary to get them to stay put!
Dirty looks California Highlighted
Here's a close up of the color "California Highlighted".
As you can tell, there are strands of hair ranging from platinum blonde to a deeper blonde, which makes blending simple and it looks more natural.
So how do I feel about these extensions?
I love them. They're long, thick and the clips are great.
They aren't thin at the bottom like some, they're nice and full from top to bottom.
They have 21 different shades to choose from, as well as lengths ranging from 12" to 26".
As you know, I have a bob now. My hair is barely shoulder length, which can make blending my extensions SO hard. 
To make it even harder, I left my hair and the extensions straight, so to show how well these blend without me even trying.
Obviously if I had curled my hair and the extensions together, they'd be totally undetectable, and I'll be showing that soon!
Okay, here's me before.

After! with extensions:
Dirty looks hair extensions

Dirty looks california highlighted

Dirty looks hair extensions

Dirty looks california highlighted

Dirty looks hair extensions

HK Hair Extensions
As you can see, they look really natural.
Also, my lighting in the pictures with them in is slightly off, but the close up of the shade I posted at the top is completely accurate, in case you're trying to color match.
Mine are not shedding a lot as of yet, which makes me happy.
I do want to clarify something though that people seem to misunderstand.
Clip in hair extensions are wonderful things. They can totally transform your look. However, I hear a lot of people complaining about needing to replace them, shedding, tangling, heat damage, clips not staying in, etc.
Clip in extensions are strands of hair sewn onto clips, obviously they're going to shed. The older they get, the more they shed. They aren't going to last forever. With regular wear, even if you take amazing care of them, don't expect more than 6 months use from them. Yes, they can last longer than that, BUT they are going to shed, they are going to become damaged from regular heat styling, just like your own hair does. They are going to tangle, just like your real hair would. They're going to get thinner over time, because you will lose some strands of hair. It's just normal wear and tear and they will need replaced every 6-8 months.
 If you have fine, straight hair, your clips probably will slip if you don't tease your hair first. This is not the fault of the extensions. Your strands of hair are thin, soft and slippery, so without teasing the roots, the clips can and probably will slip. A little dry shampoo will also help to give the clips something to grip.
Clip in extensions are not meant to last forever. 
Mine typically last a year or more, but I do not wear them every day, and I rarely wash them.
Don't wash them any more often than you need to, it weakens the thread attaching the hair to the clips.
Try not to use a ton of products on them, it will build up and they'll need washed more often.
Store them somewhere safe. Trust me, your cat does think it's his toy, and he/she will eat them.
Also, one of the worst things you can do for your extensions is to sleep in them. It weakens the clips and tangles them.
If you do not take care of them, they may only last 3-4 months.
That turned into a longer "disclaimer" than I expected, but it's all good information for anyone curious about extensions. 
You can find these clip in extensions at Dirty Looks.
They retail for $149.99
Thanks for reading!

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