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I finally purchased the Makeup Geek eyeshadows after hearing they were so similar to MAC eyeshadows. I knew I had to try these because I&...

I finally purchased the Makeup Geek eyeshadows after hearing they were so similar to MAC eyeshadows.
I knew I had to try these because I've been watching Marlena on youtube for years!
She was the very first beauty guru I ever watched, and she's absolutely amazing.
She has some of the best tutorials, and I love her reviews.
Anyway, let's see the shadows I bought.

I purchased four so far.
(I keep them in a MAC palette)
The shades I have are:
Unicorn is described as a shimmery blue purple. I'm a huge fan of purple shades, so that's what drew me to this one. This is the least pigmented of the shadows, and needs to be built up to be totally vibrant, but beautiful nonetheless. 
Without primer, with primer
Cosmopolitan is described as a Rose gold with gold flecks. I purchased this one because it's supposed to be a dupe for MAC Expensive Pink, and I've had my eye on that eyeshadow for a long time.
This eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and blends nicely.
 Over MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Maybelline Color Tattoo Gold Rush, Color Tattoo Inked in Pink

Mermaid is described as metallic teal with gold reflects. It's supposed to be comparable to MAC Parrot. 
Depending on what base you use with this color, it can look very different, which is really nice. I love versatile eyeshadows. 
Unfortunately, the pictures below don't show it's versatility as well as I had hoped.
This eyeshadow is very pigmented, versatile and easy to blend. 

 Over MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Color Tattoo Gold Rush, UD 24/7 Pencil in Clash
Peacock is described as matte deep teal blue. I bought this because I've had my eye on MAC Plumage for a while, and I thought this looked similar. I don't have Plumage, so I can't compare them for myself.
This eyeshadow is smooth, pigmented and blends easily.
 Without primer, with primer
These retails for $5.99 for the pans or $7.99 for the compact.
I totally recommend purchasing a MAC palette or a Z palette to put these in, because there's no way you're only going to buy one.
I can't wait to purchase more of these.
The pigmentation is on point, they're so easy to blend, they apply smoothly and they're such great quality.
I'd definitely say that these are comparable to MAC shadows, and are better quality than some MAC shades I've tried.
What colors should I pick up next?
Leave suggestions in the comments!
Thanks for reading.
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