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I bought the Lorac Unzipped palette and I've been using it everyday for the last week or so.  I absolutely adore this palette! Th...

I bought the Lorac Unzipped palette and I've been using it everyday for the last week or so. 
I absolutely adore this palette!

This palette includes 10 shades and a mini Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, which I'll review separately if you'd like to see it.

The palette seems pretty sturdy, and it's pretty thin so this palette is ideal for travel. It has a magnetic closure and a decent mirror.


At first, I wasn't going to buy this palette. 
I've been back and forth over it many times, swatching it multiple times in store, picking it up, putting it down, etc.
My fear was that this was just another neutral palette, and since I have the Naked palette, why would I need this one too?
I had assumed I'd just never use it.

This palette is definitely different enough from the Naked palette to justify having both.
Also, the colors from each palette compliment each other well, so it's a win-win.

As you can probably see, there are 3 matte shades, the rest are shimmery.
Undercover looks matte in the pan, but it has a slight bit of shimmer to it.
 Swatched left to right, top to bottom.
The swatches are without primer, and as you can see, the pigmentation is nice.
There isn't a dud in the entire palette, which is surprising and wonderful.
These shades have a slightly cool tone to them, but they're more neutral tone so they will work for everyone.
Also, you can probably tell there are some shades that are similar to shades in the Naked palette, but they're still different enough that it's okay.
Also, this palette has a matte burgundy shade and a shimmery one, which are both very nice.
The gold, bronze and rose gold shades are all beautiful and pair well with the other shades in the palette.
This palette has a highlight shade, lid colors, crease shades, etc. There are a lot of possibilities with this palette, and you can do many full eye looks with this palette alone, should you so choose.
Undiscovered is the gold in the palette, and it's much lighter than Half Baked from the UD Naked Palette.
Unreal is similar to Sin from the UD Naked palette, but again, not a dead on dupe.
Undercover is close to Virgin from the Naked Palette, but still not exactly the same.
As far as I'm concerned, there are no dead on dupes for the UD Naked palette.
There's nothing wrong with having similar colors, and a lot of these shades are different from the Naked Palette.
The shadows are soft and blendable. The pigmentation is wonderful and considering the size of the eyeshadows, this should last you a while.
After waiting so long to get this palette, I was so excited when it finally arrived, and I was so impressed with it, especially since I had been doubting it since I first saw it.
This was my first Lorac palette and now I'm considering the Lorac Pro palette because I love these eyeshadows so much.
This palette retails for $40 for the palette alone or $48 for the set with the palette, bronzer/highlighter duo, lip gloss and makeup bag. The set is currently not available online.
I definitely recommend this palette, even if you own the Naked palette. I don't own the Naked 2, so I unfortunately can't compare the two for you.
And, if you don't currently have the Naked palettes, this would be a nice neutral palette for you.
I hope you enjoyed my review!
Thanks for reading & don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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