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I've done the Fall Fashion Inspiration already, click the link to go and see it if you haven't. This is going to be the makeup, ha...

I've done the Fall Fashion Inspiration already, click the link to go and see it if you haven't. This is going to be the makeup, hair, etc portion, as I like to keep them separate.

Generally, in Fall I will wear darker makeup, and I typically will have darker hair. Recently, I've changed my hair color and I have a burgundy/red hair color. I no longer have bangs and I'm in desperate need of a trim, but I am growing my hair out.

I'm also debating on whether or not to get bangs again, side bangs of course, not straight across. Straight across bangs make me look like I'm 12 and that's not the look I'm going for.

I love darker hair in the winter. Something about platinum blonde in the winter, just looks ridiculous to me, and I've done it. Plus, it's super unhealthy unless you were born with it, in which case, LUCKY!
Not to say that maintaining my burgundy hair isn't damaging, because it is. To each their own. If you want to be blonde in the winter, go for it! Nothing at all wrong with it. I just think it looks strange, on me. I love it on others.

I also love long, curly or wavy hair in the winter. Curls hold so much better when it's cold rather than hot and humid, and it's just so pretty. Curl it, throw a hat on and go. You'll look amazing.

So, what colors will I be wearing this fall? I think jewel tones are back in. I'll be using my Naked palette, of course, but I'll also be using my Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette and the Urban Decay Dangerous palette. Between those palettes, I have all of the jewel tones and natural shades I could ever possibly need. I say this, but we all KNOW I'll end up buying more makeup.
Jewel tones and smokey eyes are always nice for fall and winter. Winged liner and thick lashes are also another look I'll be continuing.

While the majority of people seem to favor a full coverage foundation in the fall/winter, I still stick with a lighter coverage. I also will still be using bronzer, as I think it's always a good idea to warm up your complexion. Blush is nice, but I'm more of a natural shade of blush kind of girl, and I'll be avoiding the deeper pinks/reds like my life depends on it. I live in fear of appearing clown like, and considering my red hair, I need to keep it toned down.

On my lips, I love the berry and wine shades, as well as orange-y shades. I'll probably be sticking with Mac Vegas Volt and Mac Rebel. I'm sure I'll add more shades similar to those to my collection. I have MAC Riri Woo, but I'm not brave enough to wear a red lip.
I'm not a fan of gloss, so I also won't be wearing much of that.
However, I may purchase one of the L'oreal Balm Stains in a deeper shade for fall, any suggestions?

Let me link some pins that have given me some inspiration. :)

*I don't own the rights to ANY of these pictures. I'm linking them straight from Pinterest.*

I have more, but here are some. :)

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Let me know what you'll be doing for fall/winter!

All products linked above are linked to my previous swatches and reviews of the products.

Thanks for reading!

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