Mani Monday: Kiss Gel Polish System

I'm sure you guys have participated in a twitter party before, and a couple of weeks ago I participated in the Kiss Nails twitter party...

I'm sure you guys have participated in a twitter party before, and a couple of weeks ago I participated in the Kiss Nails twitter party.
For being the first to answer one of the questions, I won the Gel Polish kit and UV light used to cure it.

The kit includes the gel base coat, color and top coat, gel cleanser, nail buffer, lint free wipes, nail file & cuticle stick.

This also comes with very thorough and clear instructions.
The UV lamp has a timer on it, and it plugs into the wall, so it isn't battery operated like some of the other lamps.

There are 15 different shades of the gel colors.
The color I received is Petal, which is a bright watermelon-ish pink shade.
It's really pretty.
Gel Nails

Gel Nails
As you can see, it has a bit of a blue iridescence to it, which I think makes it unique.

The system is really simple to use, and I recommend it.
This was my first time ever applying gel nails, and I think they came out very nicely, proving a beginner can use this kit without any issues.

My favorite part of having these nails was how shiny they are!

So, it claims that they last UP TO 14 days.
It makes no guarantee that they will last that long, but they can.

I really think this varies person to person, depending on your nail length, strength, overall health, etc.

On my nails, this lasted about 1 week, which is great for me.
I'm very hard on my nails, I use them for everything that you shouldn't.
Not to mention, I work in a tanning salon, and the bed cleaner has eaten through every nail polish I've ever used, and still these only chipped on my nails that were damaged BEFORE I applied the gel.
This leads me to believe that if I nails were in better condition, these may last the 14 days it claims.

Removal isn't fun, just like with any gel or acrylic nail.
You soak them in acetone for about 5-10 minutes and then scrape them off.
In my case, I did what I always do, and what I recommend that you NEVER EVER EVER do, and I picked at them until they came off. 

You can check the gel system out here.
I can't find them for sale online, but you can probably find them in stores at a Wal Mart, Target, Walgreens, etc.

While I didn't pay for this system, I did win it and was not required or even asked to review it. I reviewed it for the benefit of you guys & anyone looking into purchasing a gel nail kit, as this one is fairly new and I can't find too much about it.

I really hope this helps you guys, and if you have any questions, just ask in the comments. :)

Thanks for reading!

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