Spring Fashion Haul!

This is going to be my Spring Fashion Haul pt. 1 post, along with my spring clothes that I already owned and intend to wear again. I ...

This is going to be my Spring Fashion Haul pt. 1 post, along with my spring clothes that I already owned and intend to wear again.
I hope you enjoy this post!

I recently purchased all of these shorts, and this will be the first time I've ever worn shorts. Weird, huh?
I really love the crochet detail on the white pair at the top, and the studs on the faded black ones.
The faded mint green/teal are adorable too. 
I paid around $10 a pair for these, as I bought them ALL on sale. :)
I also purchased these a size too small. My reasoning for this is that I am on a diet, I am working out, and these are the size I wear when I'm at my normal weight.

I wear a lot of tank tops during the spring and summer. It's honestly pretty much the ONLY thing I wear.
I love this white lace on to layer over other shirts. I got it for $3 on clearance.
I couldn't resist the Keep Calm and Kill Zombies shirt. I paid full price for it at Hot Topic, it was $23.

All three of these are dresses, two are new, 1 is a few years old.

The black one was really hard to photograph, the entire thing is ruched, all up the sides, which makes it awkward to take a picture of. However, I did get a close up of the top, because it droops down and there is a pretty lace insert there. That's what sold me on it. I paid $8 for this. 

The white dress is from Wet Seal. It's a tube top dress with a braided brown belt at the waist. It's got a tired bottom, and I think it's really cute. I paid $15 at the end of last summer, still has the tags on it.

The teal and brown dress is a couple of years old, but it also came from Wet Seal.
It's a halter and it has a banded bottom. I think it's really cute and spring-y.

None of these are really new.
I bought the white tank top with the skull last summer at Hot Topic for $18. The skull is glittery.
The black tank top with all of the studs was purchased from a seller on Copious for $12. I bought it in December.
The two sheer tank tops were purchased from Forever 21 last summer, as well as the two striped tanks.
The zebra tank is a couple of years old, bought on clearance at Wet Seal, and the blue ruffle tank was purchased from Aeropostale last summer,also on clearance.

I love button up shirts for spring, and this one is my favorite. It's hot pink plaid from Hollister, and it's a couple of years old. The lime green striped shirt was also purchased a couple of years ago, and it's an off the shoulder top.

These shoes were purchased last summer, but only worn maybe one time.
Both purchased from Charlotte Russe.
Wedges are my favorite, but I couldn't resist the brown studded heels.

Lastly, I purchased these bright teal glittery flip flops for $3 last weekend.

As you can tell, I did a little bit of shopping.
I like to shop when I can find good sales.

I'm still finishing up, and it's going to be a month or so before I go shopping again, at that time I'll post the rest of what I buy, but it won't be much. Probably some basic tank tops from forever 21 and a bathing suit. :)

I love spring and summer, and I'm excited for it this year, because my husband and I are going to the beach this year.

I really hope you liked this post!
Let me know what you think & if you'd like to see OOTD's this spring.

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