Ipsy March Glam Bag!

If you haven't gotten your bag yet & you want to be surprised, don't read this post! If you're ready to see what yo...

If you haven't gotten your bag yet & you want to be surprised, don't read this post!

If you're ready to see what you're getting, keep reading!

I got my Ipsy Glam Bag this morning in the mail, and I was so excited for this one.
I'm honestly most excited for the bag, because I love, love, love anchors!

This month's them was the Great Escape.
It's supposed to be travel friendly products, and I think they did a great job with it.

March Glam Bag Ipsy
How cute is that bag!
Definitely fueling my anchor obsession.
I will say, this bag isn't as high quality as the last couple. This one feels cheaper and flimsy, and that is kind of disappointing.

Moving on..
Let's see what's inside!

March Glam Bag

Let's start with the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist.
The bottle we receive is 1 oz. The full size is 6.75 oz.
This contains rosehip, ylang ylang, grapeseed oil and antioxidant rich organic juices.
This is supposed to hydrate your skin.
The full size retails for $22. The value of this is ~$3.50.
You can purchase the full size here.

Next is the L.A. Fresh Travel-lite Makeup Remover wipes.
These come with 8 in a travel pack.
They are supposed to dissolve even heavy duty makeup. I haven't tried them yet, taking them to the beach with me. :)
These retail for $1.99 and can be purchased here.

Next are two eyeshadows from Yaby.
This is a brand I've never heard of before, and these are the tiniest eyeshadows, ever.
These are smaller than a dime. They're about the size of the eyeshadows in the Coastal Scents Quad we received last month.
I received an Emerald Green shade called So Vein
as well as a beige shade called Sand Dune.
Full size eyeshadows are 3 grams and retail for $3.15.
**I've been told that these are full size! Crazy! 

Last, we received a palette from Glam RX.
I was so, so excited for this palette, as I thought, sure, it's going to be small, but even small palettes hold around 4 eyeshadows or so, and this one is rectangle, so it should hold 6.
I was naive.
This holds 2 full size. 3 if you're lucky and crafty, or if you want to buy a ton of tiny ones from somewhere.
The palette fits in the palm of my hand. I put an eyeshadow in the bottom left corner, and it takes up a little less than half of the palette. There really isn't room for more than another regular size eyeshadow.
This is very disappointing.

The palette itself is cute, magnetic and has a mirror.
Glam Bag
To give an accurate description of the size, it's about the same shape and size of a credit card.
It would have been nicer if it was a little larger, but I'm not complaining too much.
The Glam RX Mini Freestyle palette isn't for sale on their site, so I can't tell you how much it retails for.
I'm going to guess around ~$12.

So, in total, I'm guessing this month's bag is worth:

Overall, I'm okay with this bag,
The eyeshadows they sent will definitely fit in the palette, and I love that I get to try a few new things.
Another plus is that my Mirabella single eyeshadow now has a home along with these two minis.

I may actually use this when I travel to put a blush in.
I'm not sure yet.
I just would have loved for this palette to be a tiny bit bigger, but it's alright.

I'll definitely be staying an Ipsy subscriber!

Let me know what you get in your bag, and what you think!

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Also, did you see my earlier post?
It's never too early for neon nails!
Salon Perfect Nail Polish in Flamingo Flair.

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