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I got the Sigma F80 not too long ago, from and it's become my new best friend. Haha. But, really, this brush has signi...

I got the Sigma F80 not too long ago, from and it's become my new best friend. Haha. But, really, this brush has significantly changed the way I apply my makeup.

Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush

I've always been the kind of person that uses their hands to apply foundation. Every brush or sponge I had used prior to this one had not worked out for me, and I had assumed that all brushes were the same, and way over hyped.

I hesistated for the longest time over buying this brush. No, it's not that expensive, if you like it. But, to take a chance on something that I had in my head that I would hate? $18 is a bit steep for that. I almost gave up completely on foundation brushes, but I caved and bought this one. I'm so glad that I did.

This was my very first Sigma purchase. I bought this brush and the F40 blush brush, which I'll review separately at a later time.

Using my fingers has always worked for my foundation. But, I tried this brush, and I haven't used my hands since. I get the most even, blended, flawless application imagineable. It really looks like my makeup was airbrushed, and I've never had results like that using my hands.

It uses about half of the amount of foundation, and it takes about half the time. It covers much better, and you can't even tell I'm wearing foundation. It's honestly amazing.

This brush is the Flat Kabuki, it's synthetic, it's extremely dense and very, very soft. It feels like velvet on your skin. It's great for foundation, obviously. I also use it to make sure my concealer is blended in, and it works great for that.

I also haven't had any issues, so far, with this brush shedding. It does take quite a long time to dry after you wash it, but that's because it's so dense.

I have nothing negative to say about this brush. It's absolutely amazing, worth every penny, and I 100% recommend it to you.

Here is a direct link to the brush.

If you spend $30, you get a free gift as well!
Also, use code JAN2013 by the end of this month for 10% off of your purchase.

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