Sephora and Sigma Haul!

Yes, it's haul time. And, hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a drugstore haul up for you, as long as my Ulta order comes on time. My mai...

Yes, it's haul time. And, hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a drugstore haul up for you, as long as my Ulta order comes on time. My mail man is sketchy, I'm not happy about it.

I received my Sephora order at around 7 P.M. last night, and then I got my Sigma order this morning. Since I feel well enough to type and take pictures today, I thought I should go ahead and do this before I get sicker, again. The flu isn't fun. 

Excuse the quality of this post, as I'm doped up on meds. These pictures may be as sketchy as my mailman, and for that, I apologize. Once again, no shame, no shame.

Urban Decay

 Urban Decay Dangerous Palette. This has the shades Gravity, Loaded, Evidence, Deeper, Mushroom, and Ace.
It also comes with a mini lip junkie in Naked.
I'll be swatching and reviewing this palette for you soon. No swatches today, though. Didn't want to give it the flu. No sick fingers in my makeup!
 Too Faced Hot Cocoa Bronzing Duo.
Swatches later!
This us a Deluxe Primed and Poreless with a bronze tint.0.17 oz.
Deluxe Matte Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. 2.5g
 Let's take a moment to discuss where the hell that black hair came from? 
Anyway, this is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. It's a mini. I thought it was cute, and I wanted to try it. I think it has a smell, I don't know. I'm too sick to tell you.

 Rosebud Salve. I have extremely dry lips, and I heard this would help. As you can see, I did stick my sickly fingers in this. Now it has the flu. See what I've done?

Clinique High Impact Mascara.
This is a deluxe sample. I used some of my points to get it, because I wanted to try it. I forgot to take a picture of the brush. I'm sorry, okay!? I'm a little dopey.

 My First Sigma Order, OH MY GOD!

F40- Large Angled Contour Brush
 F80-Flat Kabuki Brush

For my free gift, I was sent an eyeshadow. It's in the shade Grasp and it's from the Dare palette, in case you're blind and couldn't figure that our for yourself. I'll just continue to point out the obvious and say, this is a pretty peach shade, but I'm not giving it the flu, either.

I think I need to stop. This is getting ridiculous. 
If you make it through this post, you're either insane or you have a ton of will power.

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In case you missed it on my twitter feed, my mom called me to let me know SHE GOT ME A KITTY. So I'll post some more OH MY GODS here. I've wanted a kitten for a long time. My husband said no, but my mom said yes, so I'll stick with what's worked for the past 25 years and listen to my mom. :)


Btw, Kitty is a girl, and she is gray with blue eyes. I'll post pictures of her when I get her here Saturday evening, but what should I name her?

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