Rebelle Hair Extensions Review!

 This is going to be a post about my new hair extensions. So, first off, here are my before and after pictures! I took quite a fe...

 This is going to be a post about my new hair extensions.
So, first off, here are my before and after pictures!

I took quite a few pictures to show off the packaging, because it's adorable, and they are packaged really well, I'll also have a ton of other pictures of me wearing the extensions at the end.
Clip In Extensions
As you can see in the picture above, the front flap is held closed with velcro, so you can open the front flap to get a better view of your extensions before removing them from the box.

 As you can see in the picture above, they are packaged in a plastic box inside of the cardboard box.

 There is information and instructions on the back of the box as you will see in the pictures below.

As you can see, I got my Rebelle Hair Extensions about a week ago.
I'm in love!

Let me tell you about them, then I'll show you a TON of pictures, okay? :)

There are 7 pieces in the set, which I'll show you in a minute.
They're 20 inches long, and they are real human hair.
Each of the 7 pieces has clips to attach them to your hair.
There are four with 2 clips, two with 3 clips, and 1 with 4 clips.
I'll show you these below as well, and explain in more detail.

I'll start with the two clip pieces. :)

As you can see, there are four of these, but two are wider than the other two.
The two that are wider are meant for the back of your head, closer to the crown, above the 4 clip piece, to give you more volume, while the other two are meant for the side of your head to give you more length and volume, and help your hair to blend better, if you normally have shorter hair.

Now, the 3 clip.

As you can see, one of the 3 clip pieces in also wider than the other.
The smaller of the two is meant to go at the very bottom, or base, closer to your neck, while the wider one will be the next one you put in, above the smaller one.

Here is the 4 clip.
As you can see, this one is quite wide, and should be the one that goes in third, and right above your ears.

You should be able to tell from the pictures that these are not just one flat color, they actually have tons of highlights and lowlights all throughout. In addition to making it so much easier to blend them with your hair, it also gives them more depth and dimension, making them look completely natural.

Did I mention these are super silky and shiny, and smell absolutely amazing when you take them from the box?

I also got the shampoo and condition for the extensions, as it's very important to use shampoo and conditioner made for extensions, as normal shampoo and conditioner isn't good for them because the extensions have been processed.
Also, they do not need washed as often as your hair, because they do not produce their own oils.
If you wear them daily, and you have product buildup, I'd recommend washing them every 5 or so days.

In case you were wondering, the color I got was Chestnut, which is a nice lighter brown shade, with highlights and lowlights.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

As you can see, they blend really well, as well as add a ton of length and volume.

This is the perfect way to get that long, thick hair you've been lusting after.
Even if you already have the length, who doesn't want more volume?

Everyone always idolizes celebrities for their beautiful long, thick hair, but did it ever occur to you that quite a few of them actually wear extensions?

Clip in extensions are a great way to update your hairstyle, add more length, and more volume.
Also, they're so much more convenient than the glue-in and sew-in extensions, as the clip ins aren't damaging to your hair.

Also, these little clips are amazing! They really stay put.
What I do, is I section off my hair, then I hairspray at the roots of the section I'm about to use, and tease it a tiny bit, just to give it texture, because I have extremely fine hair.
Even with just a tiny bit of teasing, these go right in and stay put.
I haven't had any issues with them sliding or coming out when I didn't want them to.
These are really easy to put in, and it honestly takes less than 10 minutes to get them all in.

Since these are real human hair, you can straighten them, curl them, dye them, whatever you want.
Just treat them as you would your own hair, use heat protectant whenever styling with heat tools.
Since the hair obviously isn't producing any oil, it holds the style much better and for a much longer time.

I find that, like me, a lot of people are worried that their extensions won't look natural, or that you'll be able to see the clips, etc. If these are done right, no one will be able to tell you're wearing extensions.
I've honestly received so many compliments on my "long, beautiful hair" when I've been wearing these extensions, because no one could tell it wasn't my hair.

You can purchase these extensions at
They have a great range of colors, as well as colored accent extensions, and everything you need to take care of your extensions.

I'm really glad that I got these, as these have become something I now use everyday.

You guys know I've been searching for extensions for a while now, and these are perfect for me.
You know I'd never recommend something that I wasn't 100% behind, but I give these my full recommendation.
If you're looking for extensions, check first!

I really love these extensions, so I'm considering getting the colored accent extensions.
If I get those, I'll post a review about them!

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