Nyx Dark Shadows Palette

I might be a little behind on this, but I just received this in the mail, and I was so excited to get it, that I had to share pictures ...

I might be a little behind on this, but I just received this in the mail, and I was so excited to get it, that I had to share pictures and my first impressions of this.

So, If you're interested in seeing more of this palette and hearing my first impressions, keep reading!

I'm not sure how many of you have seen this movie, I was told it's a remake, I personally have no idea. I did see the movie, twice actually. What can I say, I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is brilliant.
If you haven't heard of Nyx, it's a "high-end" drugstore brand. You can purchase their products at Ulta, Nyxcosmetics.com and cherryculture.com.
Their products are fairly cheap, and great quality. 
Also, Nyx is a cruelty-free brand, meaning, no animal testing!

This palette has been out for a while, but I just bought mine off of Copious.com. I'll post info about the site at the bottom of the post.

I love the way this palette looks. It looks just like a book, and even has a magnetic snap closure on the side. It seems pretty sturdy, and is a nice size for travel.

This palette contains 24 eyeshadows, with 4 sponge applicators.
A mirror.
5 blushes and a highlight.
4 lip glosses.
Mini liquid eyeliner.
Mini eye shadow base.

It has quite a few neutral eye shadow shades, as well as a couple of blues, purples and greens. Some glittery, some shimmery and some matte. While playing swatching these colors, I realized that this palette has the same downfall that most do, which is the matte shades aren't as pigmented as the shimmery and glittery ones. This is happens pretty often with palettes. For some reason, the matte shades never seem to be as good as the shimmery ones. I'm not saying they don't show up at all, because they definitely do, just not as much.

Two of the blushes are matte, the other 3 and the highlight contain glitter. A lot of glitter.
All of the blushes and highlight colors are very pigmented. I'll let you know more when I get time to actually test them out.

The lipglosses, like most in palettes, have very little pigmentation. They aren't sticky, but they definitely aren't the best. Also, they will most likely wear off quickly, and who wants to carry an entire palette with them to keep re-applying?

The mini liquid eyeliner is so pigmented. It's very black, dries fairly quickly, and seems to be water-resistant.
It's much better than I expected.
Also, the Mini eye shadow base is the same as the full size one they sell. It's 100% comparable to UDPP, and much cheaper. I'm telling you, this stuff works.

Overall, I'm really glad I bought this palette. The colors are nice and I'm very excited to use it.
Finally, off to the pictures!

Also wanted to share my nail polish for the day.
This is Sinful Colors - Boom Boom
Two coats.

Now, I purchased this palette from Copious.com
I had enough credit on the site that this palette only actually cost $2.
I'll put the link below to sign up. If you use this link you'll get $10 to spend.

This website is a lot like Amazon.com. You buy things from individual sellers through Copious. The seller doesn't receive the money until you confirm that you received your product. They sell makeup, nail polish, jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.
I personally love the website.

Sorry about rambling on! :)

Thanks so much for reading.
Let me know if you have this palette or plan to get it.
If you have it, what do you think of it?

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