June My Glam bag

Yesterday I received my June My Glam bag in the mail. I am actually really impressed with the bag this month, and have decided no...

Yesterday I received my June My Glam bag in the mail. I am actually really impressed with the bag this month, and have decided not to cancel my sub yet, as I had originally planned, due to the last two months far less than satisfactory bags. Filling the bags with tiny samples, nail decals fit for middle schoolers, tons of makeup brushes and reddish-brown lipstick, was a bad move on their part. I'm hoping they are finally turning things around. 

The bag this month is very glittery, and just like all of the previous bags, smells terrible. 
Inside the bag was a full size NYX lipstick. There were a few different colors you could receive. 

I received the lipstick in Power, which is a lilac-y pink color. I love it. I already own a ton of NYX lipsticks, and some are much better than others, so after I have time to test this out, I'll let you know what I think of it.

The next thing I pulled out of the bag was Living Proof Nourishing Cream. This is a hair product, and quite a nice size sample of it. 

I am actually very excited to try this out, because I do have super frizzy hair, and nothing seems to help.
This jar has 2 oz. inside.

I also received a deluxe sample of Philosophy moisturizer. 
Take a Deep Breath.
This is supposed to be an oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. That's a mouthful. 

This tube has 0.4 fl oz. inside.
It is also a pretty nice sample size, and I'll probably save it for when I travel.

The last thing I pulled from the box was an eyeliner pen.

This is also full size. 

Marbella eyeliner pen, described as permanent. 
I'm hoping this means waterproof. :)

I am more hesitant to use this than the other products though, because it says not to use with contact lenses, and I wear contacts. Also, this isn't very pigmented. 
I'll make a separate post for it after I use it. I have sensitive eyes, so I have a feeling this won't work for me.

As always, there were also some cards inside the bag. 

One from Living Proof which gives you a discount off their line of products.

One from Philosophy for free shipping with no minimum purchase, which is nice.

And then the card with the product descriptions. 

Overall, I am very happy with the bag this month, so I'll stick around and see what comes next month.

I really hope they've listened to their subscribers, and have made this a more make-up centered subscription service, as it was originally advertised. 

I don't think anyone was prepared for all of the brushes, tiny samples and skincare products we received for a few months, and if it goes back to that, I will be canceling my subscription.

Thanks for reading!
Another post will be up shortly of a MAC haul and first impression. :)

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