Colourpop Nudes | Midi, Aquarius 2 & Fairy Floss Review & Swatches

Judging from my recent Colourpop purchase, it would seem that I have a type. I bought three lip colors, all in the same family. Nudes, of c...

Judging from my recent Colourpop purchase, it would seem that I have a type. I bought three lip colors, all in the same family. Nudes, of course.
Colourpop Lipsticks
The three shades that I grabbed are Midi, Aquarius 2, and Fairy Floss.
Colourpop Swatches
Midi is an Ultra Matte from the original release. This was one of their first shades they ever brought out, yet I somehow missed it. This color is described as a pale, dusty pink but it's more of a true nude on me. This is slightly lighter than Aquarius 2, although they are extremely similar. The formula is similar as well, but this is slightly more dry than Aquarius 2. 
Aquarius 2 is a collaboration with Kathleen Lights. This is an Ultra Matte as well and described as a mauve-y nude. This dries down and stays put. No cracking or flaking, no streaks and no peeling. It wears well and I really like the color. It dries really quickly and removes easily with the Urban Decay Lip Oil Remover.
Fairy Floss is an Ultra Glossy lip and my first non-metallic gloss that I've bought from Colourpop. It's described as a sheer, pale beige. I think that's an accurate description. I'm not a huge gloss fan, but this one actually isn't sticky. It also isn't long lasting, but that's kind of how that goes. It is pretty sheer, but I like to wear this one days where I just want a light wash of nude.
Colourpop Lipsticks
So, verdict? These retail for $6 each, so no complaints from me. I hear that they're too dry for some people pretty often; I don't have this issue. They have been reformulated a couple of times since the initial launch and are much, much better. 
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  1. Love the nudes! Love colourpop. Just bought some liquid lipsticks too.
    Mica | There's More to Mica

  2. I'm a nude lover too! Great picks!

  3. These colours are gorgeous but Color Pop's poor quality control regarding colours makes me hesitant to pick up any more. A great price isn't worth much when some batches are so far off the mark from others.

  4. I really want to try Fairy Floss. It looks like the perfect everyday shade for me. x

    Jordan Alice

  5. I really need some good nude lip colours!

  6. I have heard the ultra mattes are too drying but I may try one out for $6!

  7. I've been meaning to get Aquarius 2. I'm so glad to have seen this to remind me how pretty it is.

  8. I never wear nudes like this, but for $6 I would be willing to try! ;)


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