MultiMist with Pixi Beauty

*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own* Let's talk about MultiMisting with Pixi Beauty. This is when you...

*Products mentioned were sent for review, all opinions are my own*

Let's talk about MultiMisting with Pixi Beauty. This is when you mix multiple mists to achieve your desired results. I recently received a package from Pixi with four of their popular mists and I'm going to tell you about each of them and we will discuss my personal favorite combinations.
As always, Pixi is a cruelty free company.
MultiMisting Pixi Beauty

When MultiMisting, you can combine as many mists as you'd like, but make sure you know what each mist is for, since some are meant to be used prior to makeup application.

I have four mists to talk about with you today, so let's begin with that is applied before makeup:

  • Vitamin Wakeup Mist | Vitamin boosting treatment toner mist that gives a revitalized awakened affect to the complexion. This is meant to be used on clean, bare skin, prior to moisturizer and makeup. Obviously, this can still be used in your MultiMisting routine but just keep in mind that it needs to be used in the beginning.
  • Hydrating Milky Mist | Featherlight mist provides an instant surge of hydration with hyaluronic acid to plump skin. This can be used anytime to seal in moisture and soothe. 
  • Glow Mist | All over glow mist for a radiant, dewy effect, 13 natural oils to nourish and moisturize. This can also be used anytime for moisture and glow.
  • Makeup Fixing Mist | All over setting spray for longer wearing makeup. Rosewater & green tea hydrates and protects. This is used at the end of your makeup application to set your makeup and hydrate.
I would say a lot of us are MultiMisting without thinking about it. Many of us use different sprays before or during the makeup application and then set our makeup with another spray, and that is MultiMisting. 

On a normal day, I'll use the Hydrating Milky Mist before applying my makeup and the Glow Mist after I apply my powder products. I've used the Makeup Fixing Mist to set a few times; I've been alternating it with my UD All nighter. I'm pretty obsessed with the Hydrating Milky Mist and the Glow Mist. I've went through half a bottle of the Glow Mist already. They've become staples in my routine. The other two I've been alternating and testing, but I do like them too.

MultiMisting is a pretty common thing to do and it can really make a difference in your makeup application. It's a great way to make sure you target all of your skins' needs. 

You can find the mists I mentioned on Pixi's website!

Let me know if you MultiMist and what your favorite products are!

I'll have my updated skincare routine up soon.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are my all time faves! Love mixing them

  2. I have this brand on my to try list. I love the simple packaging that is streamlined and clean. <3 Great review Nikki!

  3. I don't mist at all haha beyond a staying spray for special occasions.

  4. How interesting! I have never seen a whole collection of mists that do different things before!

  5. I love Pixi skin care products!!! I really need to try the Glow Mist!

  6. Who knew there were so many mists. I'm such a horrible girl. I don't know about any of these. lol I don't wear make up or get my hair done. I literally only paint my nails.

  7. MultiMisting! This is a new term to me and I love it. I need to look into these products :)

  8. I've only tried the Hydrating Milky Mist among these - Pixi now has a sun mist with SPF30. I need one of those!


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