There is beauty in imperfection...

I had a different post planned for today, however, I have a huge desire to discuss this with you guys. I talked a tiny bit about this on ...

I had a different post planned for today, however, I have a huge desire to discuss this with you guys.
I talked a tiny bit about this on facebook earlier, but I really wanted to make sure EVERYONE sees it.

I'm curious as to why some girls choose full coverage foundation and full coverage concealer?

I totally understand that some girls have scarring and discoloration, etc., to cover and I understand covering that completely.
I've just never understood the point of covering yourself in so much makeup that it more closely resembles war paint than makeup.

I've never been a full coverage kind of girl, and to be honest medium coverage is a STRETCH for me. I'm not a fan of it. I don't like the way a lot of makeup feels on my face and I don't like feeling like I'm wearing a mask.
For clarification, I do not have terrible skin. I get a zit or two every once in a while, I have a little bit of redness, dark circles, large pores and I have places on my face that have no pigmentation.
I think that sounded a lot worse than it is.
The point is, full coverage is way too much for me and I know that.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I don't see the point in covering every single imperfection.
I can totally understand balancing discoloration and covering acne scarring.

Imperfections are what make you unique, and they're what makes you, you.
If we all were 100% flawless, wouldn't we all look the same?

Why would you want to look like anyone other than yourself?
Why make yourself look like you're wearing a mask?

I'm not trying to judge; beauty is subjective and we are all more than welcome to do whatever we wish with makeup. You're more than welcome to wear your makeup as you pleased, and should not feel judged because of it.

I am in no way judging you or trying to put you down, so please don't think that.

Also, to clarify, there is a difference between covering what needs to be covered and caking on makeup.

I will try not to judge for cake face, but I will probably fail.

I hope no one is offended by this post, as that wasn't the purpose.

All I'm trying to say is:

Your flaws and imperfections are what makes you unique; it's what makes you YOU.
Imperfections are beautiful, and being YOU is beautiful.
You shouldn't feel self conscious because of them.

Just know that even with imperfections, there is still beauty in everything.
You don't have to be flawless and "perfect" to be beautiful.


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  1. This is so true. I see lots of young beauty youtubers (and even people I know personally who have better skin than I do) piling full coverage foundation, powder, blush and bronzer on top of skin they will only have during this time of their makes me very sad that they can't appreciate it and they feel like they have to cover every inch.

    Makeup isn't meant to look like you're wearing a mask, it's supposed to enhance your natural beauty - so why hide it? People shouldn't notice your makeup before they notice you. I hate it when I can actually see foundation sitting on top of someone's skin.

    Pores and discolouration are not a crime. Nobody has perfect skin but it feels like nobody can realize that. Thanks for bringing this up :) xxx

  2. I dont use foundation or concealer, just a bit of bronzer on the cheeks a but of color blush above it presto, sometimes eyeliner and lipstick,
    so cant give you any idea about coverage I tried once but not my thing hate the foundation feeling.

    1. I don't like the way it feels on my skin either! I can use SOME tinted moisturizers, but I always end up mixing foundations with moisturizers because I don't like how they feel otherwise.

    2. nope it itch even with MAC , that is why I prefer not to use them

  3. For some girls, it boils down to self-esteem issues.

    I can't leave the house, or have a very difficult time to, without makeup on because I feel insecure and just not presentable. No matter how many times a friend or my boyfriend will tell me I look just fine without makeup, I just won't be able to see it because the fact that I don't see the same as them acts as a barrier. It's not good, I know, but it's true.

    The fact that my face has imperfections like many other women also adds to that insecurity, of course. Yes, insecurities are beautiful and they make a person unique, but it also doesn't help that they're exposed to the world if I go out without covering them up. I accept my imperfections such as large pores and acne marks, but I'm not about to freely show them to the world for all to see at the same time. It's like getting a bad grade on an exam - you eventually come to accept it, but are you going to stick the paper to your forehead and show it to everyone? I doubt it.

    I don't cake on my makeup. I use quite a lot, but not to the point that it's ridiculous. My everyday makeup consists of: primer/pore cover, base, foundation or BB cream, concealer, eyeliner, powder, lipstick, mascara, and blush. Sometimes, when I'm not in a hurry, I'll also add some light eyeshadow. It's a lot but there's of course a way to apply everything that won't make one look like a clown.

    You sound like you have good skin and can get away with very little makeup and you're lucky. Sadly we're not all as blessed as you so we have to add more to our makeup routine. It just boils down to that. I think women who tend to cake it up simply need advice on how to do their makeup without making it look too overdone. Other than that, every woman (or even man) is facing insecurities of some sort so I'll never judge how their makeup is done in terms of amount either.

    1. I love how thought out and informative your comment was. I understand where you're coming from, in terms of not wanting to leave the house without makeup, as I don't like to either. I just don't personally like foundation. It's all a personal choice, and all that really matters is that whatever you do, you're confident about it. If it makes you feel better about yourself, then that's all that matters. <3


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