Trying to get back into this...

I haven't updated in a week, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it while hating it at the same time. I have a love/hate relationship w...

I haven't updated in a week, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it while hating it at the same time.

I have a love/hate relationship with the situation.

Not updating takes the pressure off of trying to take perfect pictures and make perfect posts, and then getting frustrated when I get very, very few comments on something that I've worked so hard on.

I'm not saying every post I write is a masterpiece and deserves the attention of millions, but I'd like acknowledgement. 
This was better when I was posting regularly, but that has become a major, major struggle.

I still haven't learned how to manage working 6 days a week, taking care of a dog, a cat, 4 chinchillas and still cooking, cleaning and taking care of my husband.

So, any spare seconds that I get that I could potentially use to update, I use to sit and watch videos on youtube or watch t.v.

I'm sorry that my posting has fallen behind, and I'm not promising to change that right this second.
I refuse to make a promise that I can't keep.

Am I going on a hiatus? Hell, no.

I'll still be posting. They may be further between, but there WILL be posts.

I have a ton of reviews that I'm semi-working on.
I have products that I'm still testing to review, and I have things that I haven't even received yet to review.

I have hauls to post, I have a final summer fashion post to write, and a few beauty related posts.
I'm just BEHIND.

I'm going to be 100% honest right now.
I HATE not being able to update.
But when I'm already stressed from trying to do a million things at once and work every single day of my life, I love that I have no pressure from my blog.

I don't have time to spam my links on social media.
Therefore, my post gets lost among millions of links.
That's life.

I won't lie, things have been difficult lately. I've been stressed far beyond what I thought I could handle, and so much has changed and went wrong, and it seemed like there was no chance for the situation to improve.
I'm still hoping that's not true..

I'm trying to work this out and make more time, but until then, I hope you can handle my sporadic and often short posts.


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  1. I'm in the same boat- very stressed and trying to work, take care of my mom, my pets and work full time gets to be too much. I'm sure everyone understands but I also feel bad neglecting my blog as I love writing. xx


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