Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

I received the Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in the Sweetheart...

I received the Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in the Sweetheart VoxBox from Influenster, and I've used it a couple of times so far.

I will say that I love the way this smells, because it smells just like coconuts.
That being said, I like this product, but I'm not in love with it.

It gives more volume, separation, and texture, but it leaves my hair a little sticky, which I suppose is to be expected, or maybe I'm using this wrong, I don't know.

I've sprayed this on damp hair once before I styled it, and the second time I sprayed it on dry hair, after I styled it. I got similar results, so I'm not sure there is a wrong way to use this.

I know a lot of these sea salt sprays are expensive, so if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative, I recommend this one.
It may be exactly what you're looking for. I honestly have nothing to compare it to, as I've never used any other sea salt sprays.

This seems to do everything it says, smells nice & is inexpensive.

If you're okay with your hair being a tiny bit sticky, you'll be fine!

For more info, check out their website! Not Your Mother's.
Also, go here for more reviews! 

Thanks for reading!

*This was provided to me by Influenster for review. All opinions are truthful and my own. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review, and I was not obligated to review this product.*

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  1. This sounds pretty nice! I don't mind a little bit of stickiness, if it gives me the right effect on my hair. I've never tried anything from Not Your Mothers but I've heard a lot about it, maybe I'll check this out!



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