I Love Fall Tag!

Favorite Fall Lip Product: I have 3, like everyone else, haha. These are Nyx - Tea Rose--Medium Pinky Nude. Tarte Lipsurgence Moody -...

Favorite Fall Lip Product:
I have 3, like everyone else, haha.

These are Nyx - Tea Rose--Medium Pinky Nude.
Tarte Lipsurgence Moody - Deep red/burgundy.

The third, and my most favorite is MAC Rebel- Plum-y fuschia.
 I love, love, love it!

Favorite Fall Nail Polish:

Again, I have 3. :)

Maybelline Color Show: Twilight Rays--Black gel with gold and green glitter
L'Oreal Rainy Picadilly- Deep teal creme.
O.P.I. Every Month is Oktoberfest Burgundy creme that is sort of duochrome.

Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink:

I'm sure most people put the pumpkin spice latte, however, I hate coffee! Butttt, I love Starbucks Hot Chocolate, it is the best ever, and if you haven't had it, you must!

Trust me, you need this in your life!

Favorite Fall Candle:

I love the smell of pumpkin, so my favorite is:

Pumpkin Spice Candles, and what's great about these is they last forever, you can buy them at Wal-Mart and they are only $5. How awesome? I know everyone loves Bath and Body Works candles, but in my opinion, they are overpriced, and I can't personally find a difference between those and the ones I purchased from Wal-Mart.

Favorite Fall Accessory:

This one is easy. I love scarves and hats.

This is one of my scarves. It's a teal and black plaid with ruffled sides. I also have a beautiful off white, sheer scarf. I love them both.

Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze?
Can I not pick all three? I love them all! If I had to choose, Haunted House would win!

Favorite Halloween Movie:

This is hard, because I love so many. But, I'm going to go with two that have been my favorites since I was a little kid.

Two best Halloween movies, ever!

Favorite Candy to eat on Halloween:

This one is soo easy.
I love Reese Pumpkins! They are my favorite candy, ever.

What are you dressing up as on Halloween:

I haven't decided! I'm not even sure I'm dressing up now! I was considering dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. :)

What is your favorite thing about fall:

Everything. I love the leaves changing, I love the way the air smells different, I love the weather cooling down. I love that it gets darker a little earlier, I love that I can wear boots, scarves, sweaters and leggings. I love the darker makeup you can wear in the fall/winter. I love the darker hair color I wear in the fall. I love everything. It's 100% my favorite season!

That's it for the I <3 Fall Tag!

I tag everyone who is reading this!

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**Image of MAC- Rebel Lipstick taken from Maccosmetics.com and all other pictures not stamped with COMA were taken from google images, and I do not own the rights to any of the pictures taken from MAC or Google.**

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  1. 13 away from 400- YOU GO GIRL!
    Excited to be your newest follower over from return the favor hop!!
    Hugs, Jen (love the nail polish)

    1. Thanks for following! I'm so excited to be so close to 400!

  2. Newest follower here! I found you through the tuesday link up. Super cute blog, I can't wait to read more.

    1. Thanks so much for following!

  3. Love that dark purple-ish lip color! Now I want to get out my pumpkin candle, mmm :)

    Claire @gypsyslowdown.blogspot.com

  4. I love that OPI polish! And as I was scrolling down and saw favourite movie I thought.. Mines Hocus Pocus, and yours is too! :) love that film. You're so lucky to have such cool chocolate, in the UK we don't seem to have Halloween themed chocolate :(


    1. That's awesome that you love Hocus Pocus too! xx

  5. P.S. I wish we had Tarte over here too :(

  6. Aw such great Fall favorites! I still have never watched Hocus Pocus! Hopefully this will be the year lol

    1. Thanks! You need to watch it! It's so cheesy and awesome!

  7. Ah I have Rainy Picadilly as well! I love it


  8. Great Tag!
    Im your newest follower :)

    Would be great if you could check out my Blog & maybe follow?




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